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Architecting interactive brand experiences
that touch consumers in the physical world.


The quality of a brand’s experience is a direct reflection of the quality of the brand itself. When a brand exceeds such expectations in the digital space, its reputation, and business, benefits as a whole.

Interactive environments, digital kiosks, and other forms of installations engage consumers with innovation, scale and limitless possibilities of surprise and delight – especially when coupled with sensors and data connectivity. Brand affinity and emotional connections can be brilliantly crafted through clever applications of utility and technology, empowering consumers at retail, events and beyond. We move your brand forward by immersing your audience in a personalized experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.


  • 4K+ Multi-Display Interactive Walls
  • High Res and Holographic Projections
  • Single & Multi-Touch Experiences
  • Gesture Interactions and Interfaces
  • RFID, Bluetooth, Beacon Integrations
  • Accelerometer and IR, Device Integrations
  • Kinect, Wii and Myo Hacks
  • Experience & Service Design
  • Connected Personalization
  • Custom Hardware Setup
  • Video and Post Production for Projection
  • Content Development & Creation

Our Approach & Process


Top-notch interactive installations require thoughtful consideration of the consumer mindset, the physical environment and the overall context by which we attract and engage. We start by answering these questions:

  • objectives.png


    What do we need to accomplish for our audience and brand?

  • audience.png


    Who is this experience for, and what are their unique needs?

  • environment.png


    Where is this happening?
    What are the demands of the physical space?

  • technology.png


    What sensors, controllers, input devices, hardware and software are necessary to meet our goals?

Our Work


Each digital canvas is unique and special. After all, every experience, audience, expectation and project is unlike anything else, every time. Through research, prototyping, and experience design, we’ve helped our clients innovate and bring their brands to life.



ADOBE “&” Data Visualizer

Adobe had an ambitious challenge for its newly constructed Provo campus: to create an installation worthy of its impressive new space that would also combine the company’s passion for cutting-edge analytics with its legacy of creativity. The experience would leverage the Adobe “&” campaign, which celebrates integration between all Adobe products.

AMP designed and implemented three massive touch experiences that allow users to interact and navigate between New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Users can explore online activity data from each location superimposed above the environments themselves.

Touch screens enables users to dive into the data more deeply and watch relevant video case studies.


Digital CRM Kiosk
@ Retail

Nike’s CRM team asked AMP to imagine a CRM-focused digital kiosk at retail that would help strengthen its customer information database. We looked beyond retail and recommended that Nike use its ongoing sports-related event sponsorships as an additional, previously untapped opportunity to break out of the box.


Creativity Conducted

To celebrate 25 years of software innovation at its annual Adobe MAX Conference, Adobe was looking for a large scale installation that would allow for massive audience participation, make use of Adobe tools and technologies, and be nothing less than breathtaking.


By taking advantage of Adobe’s technology platforms, we developed a holograph-like projection system that allows users to create dynamic artwork using a Nintendo® Wiimote — something that had never been done before.


Convention-goers were invited to paint in pairs on the expansive, transparent canvas. As they did, lavish designs were displayed in a way that presented a historic, nonlinear timeline of Adobe’s achievements and breakthroughs over the years.

The resulting art was published online and emailed to participants.

Since its debut at Adobe MAX, the Creativity Conducted experience has become a highlight at other Adobe shows conferences around the world, and has been honored by the advertising community with the coveted One Show Pencil.


Interactive Wall

The Shanghai Auto Show is like no other in the world. Not only do they tout the new auto-wares on the market, but VIP attendees also show up with a strong intent to purchase on the spot. For BMW, AMP prototyped an interactive, lifesize wall that allowed VIPs to build out and customize the 7 Series.

Microsoft Games for Windows

Retail Kiosk

For hardcore gamers, the PC is still the way to go. And for retailers, the challenge is to enable shoppers to explore the vast array of games available for Windows. Working with the Microsoft teams, we developed retail kiosks that showcase the latest games and the breadth of gaming possibilities available for Windows gamers.



Adobe Customer Experience
Center Installation

AMP designed and developed the interactive experience for three banks of touch screens located in the lobby of Adobe's headquarters. The touch wall featured collaborative efforts between Adobe and notable brands with the goal of eliciting a "wow" factor for clients and employees who engaged with the content.

Digital Installation Clients

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