Baking a vibrant master brand with Nature’s Bakery

Boxes of Nature's Bakery bars stacked on top of each other with lemons beside them


Nature's Bakery

Wholesome snacks spark a health revolution

Nature’s Bakery, known for its wholesome fig bars, faced the challenge of broadening its identity beyond just a single product. The family-owned brand had a diverse range of simple and nutritious products using natural ingredients with a goal of becoming a household name.


Elevating a beloved treat beyond the familiar fig

The brand was best known as the “fig bar” brand—and for good reason. Almost all of their delightful treats are crafted with figs or dates as the star ingredient. But Nature’s Bakery stood for so much more beyond just the fig. We were tasked with building a brand beyond just the fig-bar perception. We  wanted to inject meaning into the Nature’s Bakery brand, and lean into the vibrancy of their ingredients to communicate nutrition and taste.


Natural vibrancy, baked in

We noticed a stark difference between traditional baked goods, which were treated as guilty pleasures, and the “functional” bars boasting a scenic landscape to tie back to their granola roots. How can we banish the boring browns and bring new meaning to eating a rainbow of colors? Our new positioning, “Natural Vibrancy, Baked In,” allowed us to do exactly that.


A crafted, vibrant identity for guilt-free pleasures

Our designs were born from celebrating life’s imperfections—knowing that when we live authentically, our genuine self brings out the most vibrant version of us. We didn’t intend for the look to be cookie-cutter perfect but rather to offer real, raw, honest foods. 

Our optimistic, glass-half-full outlook is beautifully captured in our photography—showing the ripest fruits next to the highest-quality oats, confidently making the ingredients the star. We wanted to show humanity and vibrancy, with delicious natural snacks that resemble the homemade treats shoppers would lovingly make for their own families if they had the luxury of time.

It’s a sweet, shoppable system allowing plenty of room for growth and expansion. We rolled out a strategic communication plan announcing the new look (same amazing taste) to consumers. So though no one calls them “fig bars” anymore, Nature’s Bakery is still providing natural yumminess to families everywhere. A real figgin’ good story.

In just two short years after relaunching, Nature’s Bakery achieved impressive distribution feats—earning the title of 8th-best-selling bar across all outlets and a coveted 4th-place spot at Target. It emerged as the fastest-growing brand in the category as sales increased by 47%.


New households welcomed Nature’s Bakery into their homes shortly after launch


Acquisition by Mars subsidiary KIND

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