Reimagining an Online Experience Worthy of a Music Legend

Frank Sinatra smiling with his name signed next to him


Frank Sinatra

A Fresh Look for Ol’ Blue Eyes

We were commissioned by Universal Music Enterprises to re-imagine, re-design, and re-build a new responsive web experience for Frank Sinatra. We focused on marrying an iconic artist and brand with a cutting-edge technical implementation that allows users to experience the site on any device. What resulted was ease of access and increased engagement.


A New Web Destination for an Iconic Artist

To Redesign a copy-heavy and content-rich web page for the official website of the late Frank Sinatra, we had to assess and prioritize. The complex navigation of the old website created a difficult experience for the user.


Where They Were

During the early discovery phase, it was quickly determined that the existing site’s content was copy-heavy and content rich. As a result, the functionality of the website became rather complex for the every-day user to navigate.

Diving deeper, the team discovered the Frank Sinatra site had several sub pages and general landing pages which stood alone and were not accessible through the original site. The site map prior to the update can be found below. 


Modernizing a Renowned Timeless Artist

Renowned as the greatest artists of all time by many, our goal was to modernize the website for Frank. A basic restructure and remapping of the website was required for an improved user experience. By removing irrelevant information and streamlining the copy, we were able to structure the UI for optimized navigation and enhanced visuals. The implementation of these practices resulted in an easy-to-use website, with less load times and a much higher clickthrough rate. Below is the new and improved remapping of the site.

The website was developed keeping in mind the required effort to access information by users of all ages. A modular structure was chosen for ease of use across desktop and mobile. As a result, the creation and implementation of a historical timeline helped consolidate several pages of content into one bucket. Take a look below at the timeline on the live website.

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