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All I needed was to see this Pampers ad and my heart melted. As a mommy of a two-year-old little princess, I’m completely consumed by the to do’s, to don’ts and general insanity of temper tantrums, glass slippers, ‘beautiful dresses,’? and chicken-nugget eating-defiance. But the images in this ad are peaceful, tender, and bring me right back to that moment when I held her for the first time.

If there was a brand that I believe ‘gets’? moms, it’s Pampers. The number one thing I do not want to happen as I trek to the grocery store or long-awaited shopping spree (I say that because of the time shortage, not the loose spending), is a wet kid. If she’s comfy and dry, I’m worry free. My single, baby-free coworkers laugh at me when I ‘talk diaper,’? but any mom can relate.

The Pampers Miracle campaign recently launched as the brand celebrates its 50th anniversary. The Miracle campaign kicks off with donations of hundreds of care packages to infant ICUs. At this time, monetary donations have been put aside in lieu of tangible gifts that moms, dads, and babies can actually see and experience. At such a trying time as having an intensely sick baby, it’s a touching idea to say to parents that Pampers doesn’t just know your baby needs to be comfortable, but Pampers knows your baby should be safe and healthy ‘ and the brand is there to help make that possible.

Competitor brands like Huggies have been distributing diapers to kids in need for quite some time, but the runner-up brand hasn’t shown its philanthropic efforts to the public the way the Miracles campaign does. Huggies’s’Every Little Bottom’? campaign is a hidden jewel. Bringing it to the forefront at this point would look copy cat, but would it be worth it? Diaper-champion-philanthropy mega battle? Maybe not, but it’s more evidence as to why Pampers is not only number one in loyal moms’ wallets, but truly number one in their hearts and heads.

We know that brand loyalty is harder to obtain than ever before, whether it’s diapers or gum. In AMP’s recent Inside the Buy study, we found that only 3% of consumers say they are loyal to a brand and never buy anything else. This ‘Contemporary Loyalty’? means consumers are somewhat loyal to a product, but open-minded to similar products that are ‘new’? or ‘better’? ‘ claims diaper brands make all the time.

As a consumer insights marketer, I know the importance of making an immediate emotional connection with a consumer when it comes to positioning ‘new’? and ‘better’? products ‘ especially to moms. A brand that understands and relates to a consumer can make them try a product, buy a product, and absolutely build ‘Contemporary Loyalty.’? Diaper sales is a competitive market to live in, but the heartfelt connection the Pampers Miracles campaign is building adds to the reasons moms and dads keep Pampers in their consideration sets.

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