There was a Blizzard Last Weekend and #Nemo was its Name-o


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If there was one thing that blew our minds last weekend, it was a blizzard named #Nemo. And while many have found the name of this blizzard humorous, #Nemo has definitely gained its popularity over the span of three days. In case you missed the buzz surrounding the storm, here’s a recap of what happened in the social media space.

According to MarchPR, The Weather Channel implemented this winter storm naming system to involve social media to help spread the news and updates about the storm.

Using the hashtags #blizzard2013 #bosnow and #Nemo, people could easily connect and sift through their Twitter feeds to receive updates from different news media outlets and public safety organizations.  People used the information provided by the news feed to prepare for the storm, as well as keep themselves safe and warm throughout the weekend.


Then, of course came the inevitable parody Twitter accounts of the blizzard that featured Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo. Gizmodo compiled a list of these accounts as seen in the photo below.

The social media jesters also could not help but share their funny photos, status updates and memes to lighten the mood of the situation.

Nemo Memes

As evidenced by the wealth of commentary on #Nemo this weekend, social media provides individuals an outlet to share their two cents. Social media channels act as an outlet for creativity and fun in addition to providing useful information in times of  need.

Ellen Degeneres Nemo

How about you? Did you use social media to keep yourself updated about the blizzard? What do you think of The Weather Channel’s social strategy? Share some of your best tweets and status updates by leaving a comment.

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