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If you have talked to a kid between the ages of 5 to 12 you have probably heard of Bakugan. Bakugan is the latest game phenomenon that has hit the tween set. Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a Japanese action adventure anime television show. In February 2008, the Cartoon Network began airing the series and in conjunction with that anime series Sega Toys and Spin Masters released a game version of the series. It is a character based card game that involves metal cards and magnetic spring-loaded miniature figures.

Kids have fallen in love with this game. However, the majority of the players didn’t fully understand the rules. This is where AMP comes in. Working with the game creators, AMP has launched the Bakugan Ultimate Battle Tour.

The primary objective of the tour is education, specific objectives include the following:

  • Learn how to play Bakugan the right way
  • Meet real Bakugan Battle Masters
  • Sharpen their battle skills with expert tips on strategy and the use of traps

Event Logistics
The event itself is made up of several different sections. First, kids check in and receive a passport which will be stamped in each area as they go through Bakugan training. In the first area, Master Ray goes over the basic rules of the game as the game is demoed and he asks some review/trivia questions where kids can win some prizes (books, DVDs, Bakugan).

After this basic training, the kids move onto Guided Play where they are paired up to play each other as Bakugan Masters watch over them to make sure they are playing correctly, but also to help them to use their Bakugan and cards strategically.

The third area is the Battle Zone. This is where kids can participate in free play with friends and where some of the higher skilled Bakugan players can learn about using Bakugan traps, from Master Henry (aka MC Trapz). After the kids complete the training areas, they return to the registration area where they receive a green screen picture, button, and poster.

The core target is boys 8-11, but we have seen a wide range of audience from 5-19 boys and girls. One surprise is the parents. Parents enjoy being able to be at an event with their child(ren) to learn how to play their kid’s favorite game and to play along with them as well. Since the game is utilizing math skills, parents give it their stamp of approval and we have had many parents become Bakugan fans on the spot!

The Bakugan Masters (our field team) also do in-market stops at day camps, boys and girls clubs, and after school programs (during school) as well as their weekend event. These events are very scaled down, but kids really enjoy getting a chance to play Bakugan and, of course, meeting the Masters!

The tour has just left Comicon in San Diego and is heading to Arizona and Texas. It will hit most major markets through out the US and will run through November. Let us know if you are interested in learning more about the tour or the game.

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