SSENSE Interactive Music Video: A Sensible Decision


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As Lil’ Wayne so eloquently states, ‘Got money and you know it. Take it out your pocket and show it. Then throw it…’?

FKi, Iggy Azalea and Diplo are taking Lil’ Wayne’s lyrics to heart with their new interactive shoppable music video, which leverages clickable video technology to create a unique user experience.

WireWAX, a UK-based startup who sells clickable video technology teamed up with SSENSE, one of Canada’s biggest online luxury apparel and accessory retailers, to create this interactive music video ‘look book.’

The clothing and accessories worn by the featured artists become shoppable directly from the video. A little ‘S’ appears atop a scene when some of the clothing on display is available for sale. You just hover your mouse until ‘Shop This Look’ pops up and then click.

‘This is the first time the worlds of music, fashion and commerce have truly overlapped,’? says SSENSE CEO Rami Atallah. ‘The integration we are introducing between technology, entertainment and retail with this video not only creates a unique experience for the audience, but also has utility. People often wonder what performers are wearing, where they can purchase that item ‘ we have bridged that gap.’?

Personally, I think this idea is brilliant as it has the makings for a successful digital campaign. Apologies in advance for the alliterative buzzwords’?¬¶FKi’s lyrics must have inspired me.

  1. Insightful: The music video leverages the insight that consumers aspire to be like their favorite celebrities or role models. Celebrities are viewed as fashionable, stylish and trendy.
  2. Integrated: As Attallah stated, this idea converges technology, entertainment and retail’reaching an engaged audience.
  3. Interactive: The hotspots enable the audience to choose what outfit they want to learn more about, thereby giving them control and the ability to interact with the product.
  4. Immediate: The video provides two layers of immediacy. First, you can satisfy your curiosity by answering: who made it, how much does it cost, do they have my size, where can I buy it, etc. Second, if you like what you see, you can immediately purchase the garment. Instant retail therapy.

So, maybe the video doesn’t fully follow Weezy’s instructions to throw [money] but the video still implies an impulse gesture via the ‘SHOP THIS LOOK’? call-to-action.

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