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AMP Agency Predicts Top Spring Trends of 2023


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AMP Agency has recently released a new report as part of their Search Intelligence services, providing valuable consumer and audience insights to help inform your marketing and business decisions for the upcoming Spring season. This report is available for download and offers crucial data-driven insights that can help brands stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge in the market.

AMP Agency’s SEO Coordinator Lucia Zapata dug into topics related to the Spring holidays of Easter and Mother’s Day. “Queries that are related to popular events can give us insight into the emerging activities or interests connected to the events.” Haley Mae, Search Supervisor at AMP Agency, has been instrumental in providing our Search Listening services to our clients. “We typically are providing actionable insights on a monthly basis. These seasonal reports are great to showcase our predictions skills.”

The Top Trends of Spring 2023 report has insights on 24 topics across 8 different categories including holidays, Food & Drink, and Fashion. The data presented in the report is pulled directly from Google’s Keyword Planner (US only) and is paired with our analysis of why we anticipate that the topic will gain popularity during the upcoming Spring season.

Download our 2023 Spring Trends report and discover our predictions for the upcoming season.

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