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Make your PR and Influencer Programs Work Harder in 2023


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In anticipation for what 2023 will bring, AMP has already moved into building next year’s communication and influencer strategies for our clients. Anticipating trends in the market is the key to pleasing our clients and  appealing to their audiences and, most importantly, helping marketers position their brands as leaders within the space. The AMP PR & Influencer Team predicts a shift in influencer marketing and public relations next year: PR must think beyond the media pitch, and one-off influencer marketing activations aren’t as valuable as longer-term partnerships.  


Traditional pitching isn’t enough anymore.

According to Pew Research, newsroom employment in the U.S. has fallen 26% since 2008, even as the demand for online content has grown exponentially. As a result, media outlets have fewer full-time writers to satisfy demand, leading us to switch to the following pitching tactics:

  • Editorial content drives trust: Contributed content, bylines, and op-eds are a healthy part of any PR mix. Due in part to reporter burnout, we have seen an increase in the demand for contributed articles, which presents our clients with additional opportunities to share their expertise. Contributed articles offer insight and first-person perspective on relevant topics and are a  great way to position a brand as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Data and analytics take center stage: Media relations is about building genuine relationships and reaching the point where a reporter knows they can turn to your client as a resource. We have seen success in sharing data-driven stories to establish our clients as credible sources for future stories within the trade, lifestyle, and business media. 
  • Tap into the power of podcasts: Podcasts are more popular than ever. Statista found that 62% of U.S. consumers listened to audio podcasts this year alone. This nontraditional form of media is an excellent addition to our client’s thought leadership strategy, not just because they are popular. Podcasts are a great way to get our clients more comfortable in interviews while reaching a concentrated and highly interested audience. 

Long-term Influencer partnerships are beneficial for brands AND influencers.

Long-term influencer programs are essential for brands looking to fully realize the value of influencer marketing. We have seen that long-term partnerships can be mutually beneficial for both parties and more impactful than working with partners through one-off activations in the following ways:

  • Building audience trust: By working with partners on multiple campaign activations, brands can drive stronger audience interest and engagement. When partners share multiple posts in partnership with a brand they love, their audience can begin to build stronger, authentic connections compared to one-off sponsored posts. Additionally, repeat exposure is a great driver of brand recognition and consideration.
  • Better collaboration: Through extended partnerships, influencers are able to gain a better understanding of brand voice and build that into their content in authentic ways (with less edits required). Extended relationships also allow brands and their partners to better understand each other’s ways of working which can make the creative flow and content review process even more streamlined. Better collaboration can also lead to more exciting, innovative ideas from influencers as they build more honest and open relationships with brand partners.
  • Stronger Performance Metrics: Extended partnerships can help you better analyze and learn what content themes resonate with influencers’ audiences to drive content recommendations for future activations. Also, by working with partners across multiple campaigns you can create performance benchmarks rooted in data, which can help to optimize for future campaigns. When both parties are equipped with more actionable data, you’ll be impressed to see how your partners continue to elevate their content.
  • Cost Efficiencies: When working with influencers over a longer time period, you can bundle influencer content packages and rates, which provide cost efficiencies from a fee and contracting standpoint. Many influencers charge a flat ‚ ‘cost per post’ or campaign fee, but when bringing partners on to a longer activation there can be more room to negotiate and come to a mutually beneficial place for both parties.  

When considering how to capitalize on these trends moving into 2023, it’s important to remember that a strong strategy always backs successful marketing. The best brands have a strategic plan crafted by professionals with a pulse on the industry and experience weaving creativity with proven results to drive success.

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