NFL Picks To Be Announced Early on Twitter?


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The Associated Press is reporting that the NFL will look into teams revealing their draft picks early, even before Roger Goodell announces the selections live at the podium. With no existing policy to curtail the social media activity of each team, the NFL will likely address this policy, or lack thereof, for the 2011 NFL Draft.

The NFL Draft is far and away the busiest and most frenzied day on the NFL calendar. As teams are hard at work in their respective war rooms, reporters like Adam Schefter (@Adam_Schefter), and Chris Mortensen (@mortreport) are trying to report back to viewers with the latest rumors and trades.

Surprisingly, one of the teams that will be reporting draft picks in real-time is our hometown New England Patriots.

Wait, what?

‘We might even get a few draft picks out via Twitter before they are announced on TV, so any Patriots fans following the draft closely are encouraged to begin following RealPatriots on Twitter,’? Patriots spokesman Stacey James said. ‘Of course, this is the first time we are attempting this, so it should be interesting.’?

Did Belichick really green light this? Has Stacey James gone rogue?

While the Pats do put themselves in a great position to grow their Twitter followers around Draft Day, it begs the question of how this benefits them from a football standpoint. This seems like a departure from a coach who is involved in almost every facet of the organization and treats player injuries like classified CIA intel. Maybe a matter of seconds doesn’t really matter that much in the grand scheme of things. Conversely, maybe those few seconds are a slight competitive advantage in a league where any advantage possible is seen as valuable.

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