Interact With Rich Media Right In Your Facebook Timeline


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Facebook is constantly making changes, whether you like it or not. There’s one change few have noticed that creates a huge opportunity to increase engagement with rich media on Facebook.

First let’s look at the way it used to be. You develop some rich media, let’s say a game, that you want to drive traffic to from Facebook. You would probably host that content on a Facebook tab or a micro-site. You would then post a link or an image on your Facebook timeline to drive traffic to your game.

But what if users never had to leave their Facebook timeline? What if clicking on that link in the Facebook timeline opened the rich media experience right there. You’ve been able to do this with videos for awhile but now anyone can create rich media that can be played the same way.

This functionality has been around for almost a year now however few have begun to experiment with it. The idea can be extended beyond games to create interactive surveys, custom video players, contests and more. All that’s required to get going with “Feed Gaming” is a little knowledge of how to create Facebook apps and the open graph. Unfortunately the rich media units will not work on mobile devices that don’t support flash but that just creates an opportunity to show off your HTML5 know-how to develop mobile friendly alternatives on your micro-site.

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