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Google Trends Search Insights June 2023


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In our continuing series of examining Google Search Trends to gain insights into the top keywords queried in the USA, we present our findings for June 2023.

Every day, we capture the top three keyword phrases in terms of search volume as reported by Google Trends (US Only). Each term has an estimated query volume attached to it, which we also record. The number scale tops out at 10,000,000+ with a lower limit of 200,000+ (sometimes 100,000+). After the conclusion of the month, we look at the phrases we collected along with their volumes to get an understanding of what drove queries for the month.

Let’s Get Summer Going

Summer’s here and the time is right for checking in on the top search trends for the previous month. That’s how the song goes, right?  In June 2023, we had a few big news stories that captured the search audience’s attention. The OceanGate tragedy and Canadian Wildfires were multi-day top search queries last month.  The Supreme Court has a few decisions that made the daily top 3. Sports-related queries were big as both the NBA and NHL had their finals but the fervor for the NBA was not as high as it was in May 2023.  Lastly, we had a few holidays that 

Vacation Mode

In June, our minds shift to summer vacations and time off. With that, there were three holidays that had top query volume as reported by Google’s Daily Trends.

  • Juneteenth – 6/18/2023 – 5,000,000+ queries

This query was attached to a Google Doodle and with that customized logo producing queries with the click of a button, it was one of the highest queried phrases of the month. 

Father’s Day occurs on the third Sunday of June.  There was a query attached to a Google Doodle as well, but it wasn’t as popular.

  • Happy fathers day – 6/16/2023 – 500,000+ queries

Over the years, we have compared Mother’s Day to Father’s Day in Google Trends.  The search interest in Father’s Day has been gaining since 2019.

Looking at 2022, the two interest lines were closer than ever in the past 5 years so we thought that maybe in 2023 they would be even closer to each other. That was not the case as the interest level in Father’s Day returned to 2019 levels.  

The last June holiday to make our list is the first day of Summer or the Summer Solstice.

  • Summer Solstice 2023 – 6/20/2023 – 500,000+ queries

Cheers to all of you in the Northern Hemisphere!

OceanGate Tragedy

The news story that had the search audience’s attention was the Titan submersible implosion that happened on June 18th.  Here’s a timeline of the queries that made the daily top 3 that we collected from June 19th to the 21st.

  • Submarine missing – 6/19/2023 – 2,000,000+ queries
  • OceanGate – 6/19/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Titanic Sub missing – 6/19/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • OceanGate submarine – 6/20/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Submarine missing – 6/21/2023 – 5,000,000+ queries

The query volume spiked on the 21st as the search efforts intensified. Sadly, a debris field of the submersible was found on June 22nd.

Wildfires In Canada

The smoke from Canadian wildfires caused hazy skies and poor air quality in the Northeast, particularly New York City.  This topic also drove queries over a period of several days.

  • Canada wildfires – 6/5/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries
  • Air quality – 6/6/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • Air Quality Index – 6/6/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • Air quality – 6/7/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries

After the first week of June, the effects of the smoke dissipated for a while until the end of the month.  

  • Canadian wildfires – 6/27/2023 – 500,000+ queries

This time, the air quality affected the U.S Midwest as Chicago reported poor air quality on the 27th.  

Political Topics

June 2023 had a few queries related to the world of politics, both foreign and domestic.

  • Trump indictment – 6/7/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries
  • Russia – 6/23/2023 – 2,000,000+ queries
  • Affirmative action – 6/29/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries
  • Student loan forgiveness – 6/29/2023 – 500,000+ queries

The former President was indicted on the mishandling of classified documents during the first week of the month.  There was a reported rebellion against Russia on the 23rd, led by Yevgeny Prigozhin. On the 29th, the Supreme Court made decisions on two cases where race cannot be a factor in college admissions and it rejected the Biden Administration’s  Student Loan Relief Plan.

The World Of Tech

Apple announced its newest device on the 5th at its Worldwide Developers Conference, a mixed-reality headset.

  • Apple Vision Pro – 6/5/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries

It’s scheduled to be available in early 2024. The other query related to a tech company also happened on the 5th.

  • LinkedIn – 6/5/2023 – 200,000+ queries

LinkedIn announced many new features including the inclusion of ChatGPT in drafting posts and inquiring about jobs.

Not All NBA

In the May 2023 Trends report,queries related to the NBA took over the month. In June, we had a nice mix of sports-related keywords.  The first set shows off this mixed bag.

  • LIV Golf – 6/6/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • U.S. Open – 6/15/2023 – 200,000+ queries

LIV Golf acquiring the PGA made headlines and drove searches.  On the 15th, the annual U.S. Open Tennis tournament began. Moving on, Soccer is a topic growing in popularity and we saw a good number of phrases make the top 3 in June.

  • FA Cup – 6/2/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • Messi – 6/7/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • Mexico vs USA – 6/14/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • USA vs Jamaica – 6/24/2023 – 200,000+ queries

The FA Cup opened on the 2nd along with USA matches with Mexico and Jamaica driving searches.  In the biggest news, Lionel Mess officially joined Major League Soccer, signing a contract with Inter Miami that will pay him between $50 million and $60 million annually.

It’s not like the NBA didn’t get any attention last month. It’s just that it was not as dominant. There was interest in the Finals – here is the timeline for that championship.

  • Heat vs Nuggets – 6/1/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries
  • Miami Heat – 6/8/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • NBA – 6/9/2023 – 2,000,000+ queries
  • Djokovic – 6/11/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Denver Nuggets – 6/12/2023 – 2,000,000+ queries

Once the Finals were over, thoughts turned to next year as trades were made and the draft was held.

  • Kristaps Porzingis – 6/21/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • NBA Draft 2023 – 6/22/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries
  • NBA Draft – 6/22/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • Chris Paul – 6/22/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • Bradley Beal – 6/17/2023 – 500,000+ queries

Did your team get better?  In hockey, the Stanley Cup found a new home. 

  • Florida Panthers – 6/3/2023 – 100,000+ queries
  • Vegas Golden Knights – 6/13/2023 – 200,000+ queries

Even though it’s not as popular as soccer, there is still a fanbase for the NHL.

What We Were Watching

The summer movie season has started.  Here are the film names that caused people to use Google:

  • Spider-Verse – 6/2/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Transformers – 6/8/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Elemental – 6/16/2023 – 100,000+ queries

TV shows are popular.  Here are the ones that made our list in June 2023:

  • The Idol – 6/4/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Tony Awards 2023 – 6/11/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Black Mirror – 6/15/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Secret Invasion – 6/21/2023 – 100,000+ queries
  • BET Awards 2023 – 6/24/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • BET Awards 2023 – 6/25/2023 – 200,000+ queries

Finally, a shout out to Madonna.  We hope she’s on the road to recovery.

  • Madonna – 6/28/2023 – 500,000+ queries

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