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Google Trends Search Insights July 2023


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In our continuing series of examining Google Search Trends to gain insights into the top keywords queried in the USA, we present our findings for July 2023.

Every day, we capture the top three keyword phrases in terms of search volume as reported by Google Trends (US Only). Each term has an estimated query volume attached to it, which we also record. The number scale tops out at 10,000,000+ with a lower limit of 200,000+ (sometimes 100,000+). After the conclusion of the month, we look at the phrases we collected along with their volumes to get an understanding of what drove queries for the month.

Search Is Sizzling In July

Actually, the total search volumes for the phrases we collected in July 2023 were lower compared to June so sizzling may be an exaggeration. We can’t say for certain why the reported search volumes were lower. There could have been a change in the way Google Trends was reporting query volume. The team likes to think that the people are out and about and not looking at their phones as much. Oh sure.

Looking across the keywords, we had several celebrity deaths that made up the most searched topics of the month. The 4th of July holiday and the guy who seems undeniably connected to it made our report. We have an understanding at what movies, TV, and music were popular last month along with how much big jackpots of money captivated the search audience. Carlee Russell was someone people wanted to know more about and there was a lot of interest in the sport of soccer.  Lastly, changes at Twitter and the launch of Threads had us excited to share more from the category of social media.

Here’s what we have for you in this report!

We Say Goodbye

Sadly, the queries with the most volume from the past month were driven by celebrity deaths:

  • Tony Bennett – 7/21/2023 – 2,000,000+ queries
  • Sinead O’Connor – 7/26/2023 – 5,000,000+ queries

On the last day of the month, two other entertainers passed away. 

  • Angus Cloud – 7/31/2023 – 5,000,000+ queries
  • Paul Reubens – 7/31/2023 – 2,000,000+ queries

We tend not to report on the query related to celebrity deaths but last month, two of these phrases were the only ones to be reported as having over 5 million queries for the day.

The Fourth

Fireworks, parades, and Joey Chestnut. These are the things that come to mind when we think about the Fourth of July holiday. You may not agree with the last item in the series, but the competitive eater has made our report over the past 3 years!

  • Joey Chestnut – 7/2/2023 – 100,000+ queries
  • Independence Day – 7/3/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Fourth of July – 7/3/2023 – 2,000,000+ queries
  • Joey Chestnut – 7/4/2023 – 500,000+ queries

Take a look at the rising search popularity of his name in this Google Trends graph!

Like it or not, Joey Chestnut is becoming a regular feature for the holiday.  

Summer Entertainment

There were a few movie titles in our list from July 2023:

  • Sound of Freedom – 7/3/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Wonka – 7/11/2023 – 100,000+ queries
  • Barbie movie – 7/20/2023 – 2,000,000+ queries

The Sound of Freedom was released in theaters on July 4 and the Wonka film trailer dropped on the 11th. What seems to be the movie of the summer if not the year, Barbie hit the big screens on July 21st.

Here are the queries that made our list that are related to TV shows.

  • Emmy nominations 2023 – 7/12/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty – 7/13/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Golden Bachelor – 7/17/2023 – 100,000+ queries

Lastly, Travis Scott released an album on the 28th and people wanted to know more:

  • Utopia Travis Scott – 7/27/2023 – 200,000+ queries

Dreams of Free Money

It seems like once or twice a year we get a large lottery jackpot that stirs up search interest. In July, we had two:

  • Powerball – 7/8/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Mega Millions – 7/8/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Powerball – 7/11/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • Powerball – 7/15/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • Powerball numbers – 7/18/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • Powerball – 7/18/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries
  • Powerball – 7/18/2023 – 2,000,000+ queries

As you can see, the Powerball lottery game was very popular in July. Even though Mega Millions saw one entry in July when no one won the $427 million prize, The Powerball jackpot hit 1 billion dollars on the 18th and there was one winner for the drawing on the 20th. 

The Curious Case of Carlee Russell

Carlee Russell’s name was reported on news outlets as someone who was kidnapped.

  • Carlee Russell – 7/14/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • Carlee Russell found – 7/15/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries
  • Carlee Russell – 7/19/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries

The Alabama woman admitted later that she staged her own kidnapping and turned herself in and was charged with making false reports.

Some Keywords Related To Politics

Here are the phrases that made Google’s Daily Trends top 3 last month.

  • Cocaine found in White House – 7/4/2023 – 100,000+ queries
  • Student loan forgiveness – 7/14/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Mitch McConnell – 7/26/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries

Besides all the holiday festivities, people wanted to know about the cocaine found at the White House. We guess we’ll never know.  On the 14th, the Biden Administration announced it would forgive the loans for 804,000 borrowers and on the 26th, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell had an episode where he stopped talking while being interviewed by reporters and was escorted from the podium where he was speaking.

Soccer Keywords

We are going to call it soccer in this report, but the sport better known as football around the world drove many people to search last month. 

The USMNT was involved in the CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament. Here are some queries that were related to it that made our collection.

  • USA vs Trinidad and Tobago – 7/2/2023 – 100,000+ queries
  • Mexico vs Costa Rica – 7/6/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • USA vs Panama – 7/12/2023 – 200,000+ queries

The USWNT played in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup and search interest in that team and their matches was strong and they also made the list.

  • Women’s World Cup – 7/19/2023 – 500,000+ queries
  • USWNT – 7/20/2023 – 100,000+ queries
  • U.S. Women’s Soccer – 7/21/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • USA vs Netherlands – 7/26/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Women’s World Cup – 7/27/2023 – 200,000+ queries

It figures that after a world famous player joins your club that suddenly the team name is getting queried every time you play.  

  • Inter Miami – 7/21/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries
  • Inter Miami – 7/25/2023 – 500,000+ queries

We’ll keep an eye on how many times this team makes our list for the rest of the year.

Major League Baseball

There is another major league playing games in the summer.  MLB had their All-Star game in July but searchers mostly cared about the Home Run Derby.

  • Home Run Derby 2023 – 7/9/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Home Run Derby – 7/10/2023 – 500,000+ queries

The trade deadline for the league actually occurred on the first of August but people still wanted to see the flurry of trades.

  • MLB Trade Deadline – 7/31/2023 – 200,000+ queries

Sorry Mets fans.

Interest In Other Sports Too

Queries related to big events in Tennis and Boxing made our list.

  • Carlos Alcaraz – 7/14/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Wimbledon – 7/16/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries

The Wimbledon tournament was played in July 2023 and Carlos Alcaraz was the Men’s Singles winner.

  • Spence vs Crawford – 7/28/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Crawford vs Spence – 7/28/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Errol Spence Jr vs Terence Crawford – 7/29/2023 – 200,000+ queries

The boxing match between Errol Spence Jr. and Terrence Crawford was fought on the 29th. As you can see, there were many ways to search for this bout. On the 29th, Crawford defeated Spence via TKO.

Prime Day

Amazon had their big deal day for Prime members as they typically do in July.

  • Amazon Prime Day – 7/10/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries

The search volume is almost back to pre-pandemic levels but not quite where it was in July 2019:

Twitter, Threads, and X

We finish up this edition of our search trends report with all the big happenings with social media platforms.  Here’s a timeline of all the things searchers wanted to know more about with the changes at Twitter (X) and Meta:

  • Rate limit exceeded Twitter – 7/1/2023 – 200,000+ queries
  • Threads – 7/5/2023 – 1,000,000+ queries
  • Twitter rebrand – 7/23/2023 – 200,000+ queries

For some reason, there were limits put in place for the number of tweets users could view in a day, with different limits for verified and unverified accounts.  Meta launched Threads on the 5th, much to the surprise of social media managers everywhere.  We shall see how this new platform evolves as we have been viewing Twitter’s many changes over the course of 2023, which includes its rebrand to X. Update all of your social icons!

Thanks for reading. If you liked this article, we utilize search trends data for all of our clients and we invite you to learn more about our SEO services.

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