How to Improve Your Look-To-Book Ratio: Converting Selfies Into Sales


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Advocacy + Inspiration in the New Travel Landscape 

When tourists aim to compose the perfect vacation selfie, they're creating more than just travel envy – they're creating copycats. Our research revealed that 84% of millennials and 73% of non-millennials are likely or very likely to plan a trip based on someone else's vacation photos or social media updates. And, while traditional word-of-mouth is still the most prominent source of travel inspiration, Facebook follows a close second, especially among millennials. In fact, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube each beat out traditional sources of travel inspiration like TV, movies, and magazines.

Travel destination brands should consider ways to make their experiences “share-worthy” – incorporating wit, unique visuals, and selfie opportunities, as well as rewarding brand engagement.

“84% of millennials and 73% of non-millennials are likely to plan a trip based on someone else's vacation photos or social media updates.”

1 Corporate America Under Pressure From Consumers’ Rising Expectations, Lithium, June 2015. 

We found that 59% of individuals and almost 70% of millennials follow travel brands on social media. Uber and Airbnb, both of which are categorically closer to tech, are the most-mentioned brands that travelers follow. Although each has struggled with corporate optics, they both stand out for their ability to use shared media to their competitive advantage.

While Uber is promotion and stunt-driven, Airbnb uses social tools to highlight destinations that are purposely unlike any hotel. Each has its own clearly defined voice and deliberately ignores its category's previously defined “swim lane.” Both offer lessons about the possibilities to inspire consumers by earning engagement with a larger audience in ways that traditional travel brands have not.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Since advocacy is the biggest driver of inspiration for travelers, align advertising strategy accordingly.
  • Use a unique brand voice and be aware that the standards for engagement are being set by technology brands.

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