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AMP Agency conducted a survey, ‘How the Class of 2016 Will Change the World of Marketing' to try to understand the implications of this generation's behavior on brands and consumers in the marketing realm. To get this information, we went straight to the source and surveyed 153 college freshmen from the Boston area on their media consumption, marketing attributes, and affinities.

Coming out of our survey four years ago we learned:

  • There were over 22MM + College Students in the U.S.
  • On average, they own 6.4 tech devices
  • They spend 14.4 total hours with tech devices daily
  • They have over $405 billion in total spending power
  • They talk to parents 27.7 times per week on average
  • 74% of them expect to graduate debt free

We also predicted that this class of 2016 would change the future of technology and marketing as we know it in the following ways:

  1. The College Bubble Has Burst
    • New, more cost efficient ways of experience content
  2.  It's All About Status
    • Share and Comment – the new Show and Tell
  3. Byte Sized Consumers
    • Ballin’ on a Budget
  4. Media on Demand
    • “It’s not online and offline. Its online or asleep”

Now that this Class is graduating, we’ve taken the time to reflect on our predictions and analyze if they did in fact come true, while providing another outlook on our assumption of the landscape for 2020, which we believe might look something like this:

  1. Data is King
    • Thanks to advancements in technology and a continually decreasing cost of entry, big data will be easily enabled and managed
  2. Increased Demand for Video Content
    • Video content will continue to dominate screen time
  3. Mobile eCommerce will Drastically Increase
    • Be prepared for mobile shopping to skyrocket by 2020

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