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With over 60% of total traffic to brand websites being driven by search, and 50% of consumers visiting a store within one day of a local search on their smartphone, search is how people discover information on the internet and often begin their shopping journeys. In today’s information economy, search engines are the arbiters that determine what answers consumers get to their questions - prioritizing brands and content that are helpful, informative, and optimized across screens and devices - at the most important moment - when consumers are actively looking.

Achieving success means looking beyond driving rankings, traffic or direct response conversions. It’s about optimizing the user experience on the search engine result pages in alignment with the full digital ecosystem, spanning owned, earned and paid.


  • SEO strategy
  • Technical audit and optimization
  • Content strategy and optimization
  • CRM integration
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign audit and optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Analytics



Success in search is rooted in leveraging the platform’s greatest strength: its ability to target a consumer at the moment they are actively searching for what a brand has to offer.

Using targeting, we align keywords, listings, and landing pages to match the searcher’s intent, building a brand’s value to the consumer by providing them the specific information they are seeking in the moment.

Our search campaigns are rooted in strategy which allows us to understand the consumers’ needs and their search intent. From there, we determine the most valuable content that addresses the user’s questions and then optimize website SEO and paid search campaigns to deliver content which drives engagement and, ultimately, conversions.

We engage in extensive, in-depth keyword research across the entire span of searches relevant to the brand. Search keywords are grouped by topic (i.e., what is the particular product or service being sought?) and intent (i.e., what action does the searcher intend to take?). These keywords are then appropriately targeted with aligned messaging and content in paid search and SEO.

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Ongoing optimization is the key to success in search. Search is more expensive on a per-impression and per-click basis than other forms of digital advertising. The value of search lies in its unparalleled ability to optimize toward conversion by using data to personalize offers to targeted users when they are actively and specifically seeking that information.


Bid Management

Combination of algorithmic, automated processes and manual adjustments.


Keyword Optimization

Ongoing keyword research and optimization based on campaign performance and search query reporting.


Ad Testing

Ongoing ad testing, aggregating performance across multiple ads for faster data collection.


Budget Adjustments

Ongoing recommendations for budget adjustment based on campaign performance as part of regular reporting.


Opportunistic Spending

Increase budgets based on short term performance spikes as opportunities arise.


Landing Pages

Landing page optimization to maximize post-click activity.

Content Strategy, Optimization & Promotion

Content plays a critical role in search optimization. Not only does it take the pressure off media budgets by providing “free” traffic but effective content builds loyalty and positions brands as thought leaders in their space. Great content pays off, literally. The Content Council has reported that 55% of consumers are not only attracted to custom content, but would most likely buy the products or services of the content provider. And, with 50% of consumers turning to Amazon for their initial product search, content becomes critical for brands to surpass the walled garden and connect directly with their customers.

Achieving the best results from content requires a search strategy that is rooted in knowledge of what consumers are searching for as well as a future-forward view into what kind of content they will want in both the near and long term. This requires a keyword analysis, an understanding of the competitive landscape, industry and cultural trends. Combining data points results in powerful strategies that can position a brand as a leader in their space. However, it’s not enough to create great content. Brands need an effective promotion plan to support getting the right content in front of the right readers and implement optimization strategies to ensure they are responding effectively to what the market demands.

Our approach to creating great content strategies and optimization plans are rooted in collecting data on the brand and their market, cultural trends that drive behavioral change and keyword analysis. Combining that with findings from an extensive set of research tools to understand search intent and historical learnings, we develop relevant audience personas that include an understanding of the target consumers’ content consumption habits. Through our creative team, we design content in-house, ensuring thebrand’s strategy and key messaging points are translated across every piece of content. Through our display, search and social expertise, we are able to create rich content promotion plans that target the right audience to drive traffic, gain awareness, increase social followers and increase SEO value through linking with authoritative and relevant partner sites.


Technical Compliance, Site Audits & Optimization

Website SEO is based in content planning and promotion, paired with technical SEO. SEO success comes from understanding what content searchers are seeking followed by the creation of valuable content, ensuring it is visible and understandable to search engines. Next, content creation must be followed by promoting to target consumers, influencers and authoritative websites that will link to and cite the content. When paired with conversion optimization efforts, this approach drives results and favoritism through providing searchers what they need.

SEO technical compliance is rooted in ensuring that websites are properly representing themselves to search engines. While search engines are continually improving the way they crawl and index web sites, the primary technology they use is still limited in its capabilities.

Our site audit process starts with crawling the site using a best-in-breed tool that mimics the way spiders access and follow links. After the crawl is complete, we analyze the results for errors, URLs that cannot be accessed, on-page content and tags that cannot be accessed, and overall optimization recommendations.

Whether we are building a new or updating an existing website, SEO technical compliance best practices are applied throughout the planning and development process to ensure that SEO-friendly platforms are selected. We also ensure that website functionality does not impede SEO, and that SEO specific tags are properly applied to communicate the value and meaning of site pages as clearly as possible.



Only a limited portion of the search engine results page can be owned by a single website. Google will only show up to one paid search and two organic website results for a single site. As a result, great opportunities exist in search beyond optimizing the website itself.

In SEO, Google and other search engines may offer information about the searched topic through results other than website results. Local businesses must engage in business listing management and optimization to ensure they appear in map results and that their listings on third-party sites like Yelp rank well. Link-building and citation efforts can lead to referral traffic from other non-competitive websites ranking for the same terms. Proper optimization of a brand’s social properties and YouTube channel will also drive increased brand presence in search.




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