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Los Angeles

A man in a white T-shirt stands on a hill overlooking the Los Angeles skyline at sunset. Tall palm trees frame the cityscape, highlighting the iconic downtown skyscrapers in the hazy distance.

12:20 PM EST

Captivating Creative Meets West Coast Cool

As a Los Angeles marketing agency, we start every morning excited to make new things. We’re in the City of Angels, so of course we bring the heat. And the sun. We’re award-winning storytellers. We’re courageous, smart and curious. And we know when to avoid The 5. We constantly push ourselves to come up with ideas and executions that we want to see out there for our clients. In the end, our best ideas are the ones that we create in collaboration with our clients.

Critical thinkers.

Amp Los Angeles is a collective of integrated marketing specialists, with talent in nearly every discipline a modern brand needs today. We unearth insights and build strategies to create inspired work focused on your business goals, objectives, and audiences across multiple brand touch points.

Making thoughtful creative.

We take brands in bold directions in the best of ways. We stir hearts. Spark curiosity. Entertain. Connect people. Create conversations and community. We connect brands with people and people with brands, going big to find new ways in and unleash brand potential across the full marketing funnel.

Creative that makes an impact.

Of course we’re driven towards results. We live in LA. We provide clients with diverse creative that breaks through the noise and makes a human connection. And we can do it across multiple marketing disciplines, including digital, social and paid media.

Los Angeles Ampers are a unique group—from skaters to drone photographers to animal lovers. And when you live in LA you realize that taking full advantage of the different people, cultures, landscapes and lifestyle around you is what feeds the soul. And soul is what we bring to work every day, letting it inspire and motivate work that taps into the culture.

More than where we work

View of the Los Angeles skyline from an industrial area, with the focus on the tall buildings downtown under a clear blue sky. A stone pillar from a bridge or structure is visible in the foreground, adding depth to the urban scene.

A mural painted on a pink roll-up door reads "YOU ARE GOING TO BE FINE" in bold red letters within a blue comic-style speech bubble. The artwork adds a pop of color and positivity to the urban setting.

A street scene at sunset with palm trees silhouetted against a sky painted in pink and purple hues. Food trucks line the street, and buildings are visible on either side, capturing the vibrant atmosphere of the evening.

Street view of a residential neighborhood in Los Angeles, with the iconic Hollywood sign visible in the distance. Power lines and trees frame the scene, and "STOP" is painted on the cracked pavement in the foreground.

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