Interactive LA Landmark Experience

Skyscape interior with website shown on laptop and phone


OUE Skyspace

Designing an Immersive Experience Worthy of the Penthouse

As an industry leader in marketing, Amp was thrilled to present a special project that has elevated the experience at the OUE Skyspace LA observation deck. The agency developed a distinctive and engaging digital interactive activity that gives guests an unrivaled chance to discover the landmarks of Los Angeles by fusing cutting-edge technology with imaginative design.


Immersive, Unique, and Precise

To create an attraction that was truly unique and immersive, we had to execute the technical aspects precisely, and mesh perfectly with the creative design. Achieving this required cutting-edge technology and innovative design concepts, which can be tricky to implement, while still standing out from other attractions.


Augmented Reality Experience

Located on the 69th floor of the OUE Skyspace, the virtual experience was centered around seven outer structural columns of the building, which had been transformed into virtual windows using 70” touch screens. These screens displayed a variety of perspectives over the LA basin, allowing visitors to fly down and experience each landmark up close. Utilizing Unity—a popular 3D game engine—the augmented reality experience brought each landmark to life. The experience offered visitors an extensive range of content, with history and highlights for 34 landmarks and more than 360 touchpoints, all done to scale and distance from the US Bank location. It turned out to be an experience they would never forget. It was no surprise that the experience had quickly become a top 10 attraction for both LA residents and tourists alike, with raving 4 and 5-star visitor reviews.

While the interactive 3D touch screens were a highlight of the experience, the Amp tech team went above and beyond by also creating an app and an augmented reality function. These provide visitors with even more opportunities to explore the landmarks in detail. The CMS and website were also designed with visitors in mind, allowing them to access the experience before and after their visit, creating a seamless experience.

To ensure that the experience remained engaging, the Amp tech team built a custom back end that allowed for easy content management. This means the experience can be updated regularly, ensuring the content is up-to-date and relevant. Furthermore, the experience is designed to be used in multiple languages, ensuring that visitors from all over the world can enjoy it in their native language.

The virtual experience created a buzz and excitement around the observation deck. Since its launch in December 2017, foot traffic at the OUE Skyspace increased by more than 35%.  With more than 400,000 visitors expected in 2018, the team was thrilled to have played a part in creating an experience that had become a must-see attraction in LA. It continues to be an exceptional example of how innovative technology, creativity, and design can combine to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

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