Snapchat’s Created the First Ever ‘Welcomed’ Ads – and It's Making a Killing

Advertising has had a long history of being much-maligned. Nobody likes ads, we just put up with them. We recognize that they prey on our insecurities but, by virtue of both their prominence and ubiquity, can’t escape them. Well, one company appears to agree that its public ads do belong to you, and are yours to take and re-use. They're on to something.

Unilever's Global Marketing Chief on Busting Gender Stereotypes in Advertising

Brands are increasingly addressing the issue of gender stereotypes. In June, Unilever launched #Unstereotype, an initiative that aims to level the playing field in terms of how gender is portrayed in advertising. Unilever's past efforts in that regard include the long-running Dove "Real Beauty" campaign and Axe's "Find Your Magic" campaign. Adweek caught up with Aline Santos, svp of global marketing for Unilever, to talk about how Unilever is putting its plans into action. Blurred lines.

Meet Nintendo Switch, the System Formerly Known As 'NX'

Nintendo's next major step in gaming is a mystery no more. Today, the hardware formerly known as "NX" — and now officially dubbed Switch — has debuted, and here it is. Switch is a transforming console/handheld hybrid that can be pulled apart into a portable gaming system. It's powerful enough to run The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and also features its own, detachable micro-controllers for more party-like settings. Totally nerding out.

Meet the Woman Who Could Turn Jet.com Into the Digital Era's Ultimate Challenger Brand

For the past year and a half, Liza Landsman has taken on a massive challenge: overseeing marketing, branding and analytics as chief customer officer of ecommerce startup Jet.com as it attempts to compete with the retail Goliath that is Amazon. Landsman is building the Jet brand around the promise of making shopping fun through a gamified process that aims to shake up the way people shop for everything online: from household products to books, music, appliances, electronics and groceries. We love a challenge.

Google Flights Will Now Help You Avoid Sudden Price Increases

Seemingly random price changes can be one of the most frustrating parts of booking a flight. Now, Google is making it easier to know when prices will change so you can get a better deal on airfare. The company is updating its airline search tool with new features that will predict fare changes and notify you about price changes for flights you're interested in.  Planning just got easier.

Boys Can Wear Makeup, Too

Covergirl just announced its first male spokesperson, 17-year-old James Charles. This is a big deal for Covergirl, for the makeup industry, for society, for progress, but perhaps it’s the biggest deal for boys, who are also affected by the gender normative social order so many of us ladies are fighting against. You better work.

Publishers Become Retailers in the Market For Survival

Today’s publishers are no longer just producers of newspapers and magazines. Faced with dwindling circulation combined with insufficient revenues from online advertising, many publishers have added other strings to their bows – from membership clubs to global events – in order to survive. One area many are investing in is e-commerce. Condé Nast has just launched Style.com, an e-commerce business that’s arguably one of its most significant ventures. Buy this sweater then vogue for me, darling.

Bots Are the New Apps, Only They Suck (For Now)

So far, bots — like live video, distributed content teams, virtual reality, augmented reality, AI and a dozen other doodads — might be the future, but they’re not the present. While news publishers have hastily assembled bots to pump their content onto platforms like Facebook Messenger, Line and Kik, the results have been underwhelming.  Bot not so hot.

How to Target Moments of Need in the New Travel Landscape

The immediate, highly personalized interactions of technology brands like Amazon, Apple and Facebook have set a new benchmark for customer expectations across all industries. What happens when consumers unknowingly transpose the elevated expectations of technology brands onto travel brands? What are the new, unmet needs of consumers? Convert selfies into sales.

More Evidence Cars Will Never Be Sexy Again

Not that long ago, cars were unequivocal symbols of personal power. But now cars are increasingly uncool. For one part, they’re a major source of carbon emissions, and thereby a principal cause of global warming. For another part, they’re expensive to own and operate, especially in big cities. Now vehicles are becoming a commodity and a service. What’s less sexy than a car a bunch of other people have also recently occupied? Don't tell me efficiency isn't sexy.

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