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You can’t help but notice if you’re an event geek like me that virtually every other commercial on TV today is based on, related to, or actually produced at a live event. The first true instance of this that will forever stand out in my mind was one of my first touring assignments ‘ the 2000 Pepsi Challenge. There are plenty of examples that precede my example like the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile (which I’ve driven) and The Betty Crocker Bake Off (for the marketing history buffs) but I lived this proclamation of marketing day-in, day-out for an entire summer and it truly changed my point of view on marketing and the human experience.

Fast forward to this era and you have what I consider to be the cr√ɬ®me de la cr√ɬ®me of this genre in the Kashi campaign. I’ve had the chance to see a lot of their ‘set’? materials first hand and I can’t help but pay extra attention each time I see these commercials partly because of their familiarity – a mass broadcast of my discipline – but also because they’re really good.  I like how they’re simple and straightforward, but I also like how they use, or at least recreate for filming, everyday interactions that they have with consumers on the street. I find it to be honest and credible; thus building brand loyalty with me as a consumer.

I then came across a blog post a couple of weeks ago from someone who I’m ‘Linked In’? with via one of my groups talking about 3D projection street marketing. I’ve seen some of this stuff online before but never with effective brand communication to support  it. However, I was intrigued by some photos and his description of the execution:

  • paraphrased: Toyota and the agency Glue Isobar offer a very cool use of 3D projection for the release of the new Auris Hybrid in the UK. In deciding to not just use the walls for the media projection, they’ve placed the product and its hybrid technology in a futuristic atmosphere that visually exemplifies the Hybrid Synergy Drive system’s core benefit, energy replacement and the campaigns slogan ‘Get Your Energy Back.’?

I’m always curious to see what’s next so I clicked the link in his blog for video of the experience.

Needless to say, I was amazed by this beautiful display and the convergence of media/ branded communication, technology and live experience. To imagine myself just casually walking down the street that night and being interrupted with this show is amazing to me. It makes me want to buy the Auris and import it to the states and I wasn’t even there. Being able to seamlessly integrate the communication platform into the live experience and tie it all together with this technology is nothing short of amazing and this is just a glimpse into the next era of the types of engagements and communication we’re going to be creating in the industry and here at AMP’?¬¶

And for those of you who are like me and need to learn how they actually did this, click here to see the making of video! Now let’s race to see who can be the next to do something cool’?¬¶

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