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It seems the department store push for QR code integration has continued. You may remember last year when Macy’s launched Backstage Pass. Supported by in-store ‘how-to-scan’? posters, Backstage Pass codes let shoppers view fashion tips, designer interviews and other video content based on the store’s holiday wares.

Fast forward to the 2011 shopping season. Department store giant JCPenney believes ’tis the season to try their hand at QR code integration. Supported by the ‘Who’s your Santa?’? advertising campaign, ‘Santa Tags’? decked with QR Codes will allow gift buyers to record personal voice messages up to one minute long.

Instead of simply connecting you to a URL, Santa Tags QR codes create a very merry mobile experience that connect you with friends and family in a fun, surprising and intimate way. And let’s face it: you can say a lot more in one minute than you can in a Tweet, on a lo-def paper gift tag or a pre-canned holiday card. This innovation in personalization has the potential to make holiday spirits and sales soar.

This new use for QR codes doesn’t just add value to customers’ lives, it gives JCPenney an edge on the competition. Customers can buy gifts in a click, but Santa Tags give them an extra reason to step away from the computer and into the store ‘ their store.

From heartfelt wishes to inside jokes, every gift can be accompanied by a super-personal stamp ‘ even if the gifter shipped it across the globe or picked it up last-minute. So while Dad may already have 50 ties, he’ll always remember #51 because it came with a special voice message from his little girl.

Indeed I think this season’s Santa Tag will challenge shoppers to ‘think outside the tag’? and find the time to step into a JCPenney to make a purchase. Now, what do you say?


How Santa Tags work: The gifter scans the Santa Tag QR code using a smartphone, records a personal message and attaches the Santa Tag to the gift. When the giftee scans the code with their mobile phone, the message plays. Holiday cheer enjoyed by all!

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