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The Black Eyed Peas are in the midst of their World Tour 2010 and they are really bringing the crowd to its feet. While the group is singing favorites, like ‘I Gotta Feeling,’? ‘Imme Be,’? and ‘Boom Boom Pow,’? the show includes a solo performance from each of the group members. So far, Will.i.am’s act is generating a lot of buzz on blogs as well as with radio show hosts. At the show, Will.i.am is asking the crowd to send text messages to a short code, and as they come through on a big screen he freestyle raps, using the messages from the crowd as an inspiration. This is a great tactic to encourage audience participation and make it a memorable and personal experience for them. It is also a great strategy to leave them talking about the show long after it was over.

Even though the Black Eyed Peas is not what you would typically consider a ‘brand’? per se, Will.i.am’s unique and relevant act is an engaging way to involve his fans – the ‘consumers.’? In order for a brand to be successful and remain top of mind, they need to create personal experiences for their target audience. If done correctly, your brand might very well be the talk of the town.

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