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Sascha Lock featured on Marketing Smarts Podcast

SVP of Media, Sascha Lock, recently shared his insight on the future of advertising on an episode of the Marketing Smarts podcast with Anne Candido and April Martini. The future of advertising is broad and difficult to chart, but Sascha predicts that it will distill into four key ideas: human connection, carefully curated advertising mixes, influencer storytelling, and tension with short-term trends. Dive deeper into these predictions by listening to the Marketing Smarts podcast here!

Liz Furze Featured In Air Magazine's 100 Creative Directors Series

Creative Director, Liz Furze, was recently featured in Air Magazine's 100 Creative Directors series, which highlights Creative Directors from various firms and backgrounds. Liz discussed her journey into becoming a Creative Director and how she leads her team to deliver inspiring ideas. During her interview she calls out how there are still so few Creative Directors who are women. In fact, women make up only 35% of Creative Directors. Liz is one of many women who are working to increase this number and improve representation in creative fields. Read Liz's interview with Air Magazine here!

Andie Tilden Jewett Interviewed On The Sales Evangelist Podcast

SVP of Business Development, Andie Tilden Jewett, was recently featured in the Sales Evangelist Podcast with Donald Kelly. In this episode, she discusses the elements of a great pitch and how to effectively tell a story. From differentiating your agency to utilizing some showmanship here and there, Andie breaks down the elements of an awe-inspiring, winning pitch. Check it out here!

Guy Rancourt Discusses Upfront Season with The Current

VP and Group Media Director, Guy Rancourt, recently sat down with The Current to discuss the upcoming Upfronts season. "Upfront season" is the term used to describe the time of the year when television executives meet with advertisers to discuss upcoming programming schedules and releases. This offers an opportunity for advertisers to purchase TV spots ahead of time and effectively schedule ads around various TV programs. Learn more about Guy's perspective and check out the article here!

AMP Agency Partners With McGraw Hill To Launch Sharpen Study App

AMP Agency partnered with Mcgraw Hill to launch a fully integrated digital marketing campaign to promote the Sharpen Study App. Read the full article here.

Nature’s Bakery Names AMP Agency PR Agency of Record

AMP Agency was named Public Relations Agency of Record for Nature’s Bakery, a snack company focused on delivering wholesome bite-sized goodies to it’s consumers in the market. AMP Agency will be providing a full range of services to the CPG brand such as: media relations, product launch support, partnership management, and contributed content development. "We are thrilled to be working with AMP Agency to expand our presence within the snack bar category and find new, exciting and meaningful ways to connect with consumers," said Vilma Livas, chief marketing officer at Nature's Bakery. "AMP's expertise in creative storytelling coupled with their ability to deliver results make them the perfect partner for us at this next phase of growth for our brand." "AMP Agency is honored to be working with Nature's Bakery, a brand committed to providing better-for-you snacking solutions for families on-the-go, friends hitting their local trailhead and individuals looking to satisfy a mid-day craving," said Doug Grumet, general manager, AMP Agency. "We look forward to getting to work and leveraging our expertise to amplify the activities, launches and product stories surrounding Nature's Bakery and why they should be on everyone's shopping list." Read the news here.

Brands In Cultural Crises: A Comprehensive Study

When The Dust Finally Settles A Comprehensive Study Of The Actual Effects For Brands That Experience High-Profile Cultural Crises More than ever, people are pressuring brands to improve society. And it’s not just about cleaning up their own act, it’s pressure to affect change on a wider scale. This leads to drama – sometimes high profile – when people think companies have misstepped. It results in bad press, boycotts, and more. We decided to tackle the topic from multiple angles with our own research. We selected a range of brands from diverse industries who have found themselves in hot water, and we did an in-depth analysis. The result of our research is significant. AMP Agency is now able to report how customer behavior actually changes after high profile incidents – from search and social media behavior to sales. For brands seeking to thrive in this new CSR environment – an endeavor that has lately felt like guesswork – we bring comprehensive, data-fueled guidance. Download the full report here.

AMP Agency Acquires Genome

AMP Agency, a full-service digital marketing agency, has acquired Genome, an award-winning digital innovation, transformation and product development company. The addition of Genome will further AMP’s strategy to advance technology-enabled innovation and grow internationally. “Our technology practice has become a valuable resource for clients. It was clear from the start that Genome would bring necessary skill sets, so the acquisition felt natural. The addition of the Genome team’s expertise and its capabilities take our offerings to a new level.” said Michael Mish, President of AMP Agency Genome CEO Matt Fitz-Henry will serve as senior vice president of technology for AMP Agency, with the primary objective of building innovative technical solutions for clients. Genome’s Executive Vice President and General Manager Nate Herr will serve as senior vice president, technology services. Read the full press release here.

AMP Agency Mentioned In AdExchanger Article

A buzzing topic in the world of data security and protection is the upcoming Google Chrome changes. That’s right, we will soon be living in a cookieless world. Technology solutions in the current landscape are optimizing their efforts much before the implementation as they’d like to get well-acquinated with what the future of advertising may look like. “We want to be early adopters and hand-raisers as a part of these cookieless and new ID solutions,” said Meghan Galligan, Stop & Shop’s director of digital marketing. (Source: AdExchanger) AMP Agency partnered with Stop & Shop and Dstillery to learn more about how to navigate through an ever-changing cookieless landscape. Read the news here.

Katelyn Crowley, VP Talent Acquisition Chats With Authority Magazine

“In a world where there are so many people shouting, I want to hear from the silent observer.” - Katelyn Crowley, Vice President Talent Management & Organizational Performance, AMP Agency and Advantage Solutions Katelyn Crowley leads AMP’s human resources department, as well as many other agencies in the Advantage network. The post-pandemic job market is a fierce one, and she has taken this time to increase her knowledge and create and implement talent acquisition strategies that can thrive in the current competitive landscape. Katelyn shared her insights with Authority Magazine in their latest article. Read the full article here.

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