Guiding a budget brand to head of the CE Class.

After a successful decade as a category disruptor centered on cost-effective TVs, an increase in competition and the need for continued growth drove VIZIO to expand into new CE product lines. To win in these new segments, where consumers are more brand-conscious, VIZIO needed to elevate its brand perception.

Here’s how we helped shift VIZIO toward top-tier CE brand status, without losing the value appeal that had made it a favorite.


Elevating Brand Perception

In a direct qualitative comparison, VIZIO could prove its worth against its more established and glamorous rivals. The challenge was: How could we persuade mainstream consumers to view VIZIO as a premium brand and take a serious look at both its innovative TVs and its new lines of consumer electronics?


Simplifying Electronics Shopping

We knew the key to brand reconsideration laid in changing the story from dry product specs to lifestyle benefits and making the journey to retail simple, streamlined and accessible.

At the same time, because consumer electronics are a high-involvement purchase, shoppers need support tools and reassurance at every touch point.


a higher definition of rebranding

Elevating a brand requires telling a story that builds its value. For VIZIO, this meant creating a whole new design language to spotlight the beauty, innovation and utility of its products, then crafting a journey that facilitates engagement throughout the digital shopping process.


Website Redesign: A Connected Digital Ecosystem

The redesign of transformed a simple e-commerce website focused on price promotion into a modern, design-centric product ecosystem that reassures consumers and drives them towards retail purchase.

In addition to an elegant new aesthetic that highlights product design and quality, the new design’s revamped navigation features progressive disclosure to make the experience intuitively simple.

The multi-screen experience is integral to our redesign, which includes mobile comparison tools to help consumers at retail, where in-person help isn’t always readily available.


Crafting Engaging Stories of Innovation

Within the site, product experience pages support launches and guide consumers by telling stories of innovation and craftsmanship. These shopping experiences focus on the usefulness and lifestyle benefits each product series provides, de-emphasizing dry technical specs in favor of rich detail and interactive feature explorations.


The Anatomy of a Vizio Product Page

In developing our redesign and subsequent product pages, Amp introduced and refined a new palette, along with typeface and iconography elements that further express VIZIO’s brand values.

As the product pages evolved, we achieved a balance between celebrating design challenges and touting technological advancements, further reinforcing VIZIO’s brand promise.


Product Imaging: Streamlined Simplicity

Amp developed CG-based imagery for all VIZIO product lines to further exemplify the brand’s dedication to both elegant form and practical function.


Technology Pages: Innovation Simplified

Amp extended our approach with the addition of dedicated technology pages within the site. These explained the advanced innovations in VIZIO televisions to consumers in layman’s terms, demonstrating their lifestyle and viewing benefits in clear language and compelling visual demonstrations.


Product Technology Iconography

A variety of the branding elements that Amp developed, such as typeface, palette and iconography, have subsequently been repurposed by VIZIO for use across offline touch points such as print, in-store display and product packaging.


Product Campaigns & Launches

We also extended VIZIO’s enhanced aesthetic to promote new product launches and seasonal campaigns during peak buying periods.


Display Advertising Campaigns

We created banner campaigns that support product launches by enticing viewers into the purchase funnel via and eventually driving them to retail.

Media and

Display Advertising & CRM: Feeding The Purchase Funnel

To widen VIZIO’s brand following and customer base, we created rich media units that tout product innovations to spark consumer curiosity. These interactions generated a mass of new customer data that facilitate additional targeting for subsequent product launches communications.


Channel Intelligence and the Drive Towards Retail

Amp optimized the retailer partner purchase funnel through re-engineered Channel Intelligence integration.

To influence and reassure shoppers at retail, we created a system of distributed content that extended VIZIO’s brand and product consistency across the web, reaping sales where they naturally occur, rather than just at

We extended this brand strategy further to include paid search, CRM and social media, maintaining content consistency and telling a unified brand story across all touch points.


CES: An All-Access Pass

For every consumer electronics brand, the CES® trade show is the most important and visible event of the year. Amp created annual digital experiences to amplify VIZIO’s presence and give consumers everywhere access to a show that most would never get the opportunity to visit.

The debut of VIZIO’s PC and laptop line was one of the most significant events in the company’s history. Amp orchestrated all digital creative, technology development, online media and content creation to the real-time unveiling of new product on the VIZIO CES® launch site. As new products were individually revealed, the VIZIO CES® site provided a running timeline of each announcement.

Alongside the CES® experience page, our comprehensive email program provided additional awareness to VIZIO’s existing customer base.


CES: Raising The Bar

For VIZIO’s unveiling of its highly anticipated 4K TV line, Amp developed another groundbreaking digital event and marketing program.

From year to year, Amp’s CES® experiences evolved to serve as an annual re-set of the brand’s positioning in the market and a tone-setter for the year to follow.

To ensure consistency and maximize efficiency, much of the key messaging, product visuals and technical infrastructure for CES® were repurposed to support VIZIO’s successful retail launches throughout the ensuing year.


Platform Planning

To implement this platform, we prioritized journey touch points, established channel roles and focused resources where VIZIO could achieve its greatest impact.

Paid Media + Paid Search
Drives interest in new product launches.

Product Story Pages
Generates demand and drives to retail.

Mobile Shopping
Assists on-the-spot decision-making at retail with simplified content.

Enables follow-on conversations to promote new and relevant products

Drives traffic to online destinations with relevant, streamlined product content.

Retail Integration
Optimizes the partner purchase funnel via Channel Intelligence integration of distributed content across the web and retail.

CES® Experience Microsites
Amplifies VIZIO’s presence by offering exclusive content to consumers everywhere.

The consistent, connected ecosystem that we implemented and evolved over a multi-year period has helped elevate VIZIO’s brand profile within the CE and spurred market success with brilliant results.

+ 193%

E-commerce Revenue


Search Prominence

+ 50%

Traffic to Retail Partners