A tasty new website that spreads the brand love

Teddie Peanut Butter has been around since 1925 when its founder emigrated to the United States from Armenia. Nearly 100 years later, Teddie has dedicated fans all over the country, but they aren’t as aware of Teddie’s long family history.

Here’s how we updated Teddie’s website to give it a present-day feel without sacrificing its heritage


Modernizing While Maintaining Heritage

Creating a dynamic website that acts as a resource for getting to know Teddie’s purpose, story, and products.

Creating more recognizable and scalable branding that lives beyond the website. Exhibiting Teddie’s family heritage and regional story while communicating how the brand is modernizing for today.


Family-Owned Deliciousness

Our strategy revolved around maintaining the integrity of Teddie’s family-owned legacy while still appealing on a global and national scale. A paramount component of the redesign was ensuring that Teddie’s existing superfans were not left in the wayside in the endeavor to attract new customers.

A previously unexplored avenue was Teddie’s family history. Teddie Peanut Butter was founded by Michael Hintlian, an Armenian immigrant. During the Great Depression, Hintlian produced peanut butter and sold it throughout New England. Peanut butter was especially in demand at the time because it was filling, nutritious, and low cost. It was after this time that Teddie further established itself as a go-to for families across New England. Learn more about their legacy by visiting the About section.

Featuring Teddie’s Greatest Products

One of the main priorities of Teddie’s new website was to represent each product in all of its glory. Different designs were used for chunky vs. smooth peanut butter and salted nuts.

Each product is clearly defined with its own style to make finding your favorite products easy and fun. Whether you look for salted vs. unsalted, organic vs. conventional, the UX design aligned with SEO recommendations makes the product pages simple to navigate to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Going Together like Peanut Butter and Jelly…and More?

Peanut butter is one of those perfect, versatile foods that you can use in plenty of recipes. Whether you mix it into a delicious Thai peanut sauce or delectable chocolate peanut butter brownies, you can find something new to try in the Recipes section of Teddie’s website.

We also overhauled the UX for user-submitted recipes. Teddie fans can share their favorite original recipes through social or on the website itself.