Engaging with customer feedback to build a better buffet.

In the highly competitive QSR space, CiCi’s Pizza had historically used its low $5 price point to keep traffic coming through the door. However, waning customer confidence in the product eventually led to a plateau in sales. As it prepared to roll out a host of improvements, CiCi’s Pizza looked to Amp to trumpet these new changes and help usher a brand transformation into an all-new Cicis.

Here’s how we helped Cicis restore its connection and reposition its brand to both loyal and lapsed customers.


Reigniting Trust and Value”

Studies had shown that CiCi’s Pizza sales had stagnated, because “value” is about more than just cost. For restaurant guests, value equals great food at a great price. CiCi’s Pizza needed to restore consumers’ trust that it still delivered on both ends of that promise.


Restoring Favoritism Starts with “Better””

Our solution was Better. Believe it., an integrated broadcast and digital campaign aimed towards re-establishing CiCi’s Pizza’s stature as a favorite. This integrated campaign was designed to drive repeat visits for both current and lapsed guests by celebrating CiCi’s Pizza’s decision to meet consumer demand for a better product.


Stage 1: Speaking to Emotions

Early social communications gained insight into guest sentiment around CiCi’s Pizza menu items and ingredients.


Building Awareness

The Better. Believe It. broadcast TV spot drove awareness around key improvements to CiCi’s menu nationwide.


Extending The Message

Digital display advertising extended message frequency, keeping ingredient improvements top of mind.


Sustaining The Conversation

Social content and communications continue to highlight individual ingredients, making CiCi’s Pizza craveable at mealtime dayparts.


Integrated Digital Paid Media Program: Targeted For Conversions

As an additional extension of our evolving partnership, Amp developed Cicis’ first-ever B2C paid digital initiative. This consumer-centric, always-on, data-learning, multi-channel communications program drove foot traffic and sales volume through dynamic targeting of actionable and interactive ads.


Extending Cicis Beyond Pizza

As our food improvement campaign transitioned into an ongoing partnership, the brand reinvented itself as Cicis, featuring a new logo, new positioning and a new tagline: Beyond Pizza.

Amp helped Cicis introduce and propagate this new brand identity across the entire digital space, starting with a comprehensive site redesign that incorporated all of the new Cicis branding elements.

The newly responsive redesign puts a “Find a Cicis” locator front and center, allowing visitors to retrieve localized information for easy, on-the-go decision-making at meal time.

The redesign also supports the brand’s new tagline by showcasing Cicis growing diversity of non-pizza menu items.


Platform Planning

To implement this platform, we prioritized journey touch points, established channel roles and focused resources where Cicis could achieve its greatest impact.

Connected Awareness Campaign
Drives repeat visits with Cicis’ current and lapsed guests, touting improvements through broadcast and digital.

#BetterBelieveIt Social Activation
Captures consumer sentiment through a two-phased social campaign that tells Cicis’ improvement story.

Cicis.com Redesign
Extends Cicis’ new brand identity into the digital space, spurring awareness, while connecting with mobile consumers to drive consideration and in-store purchase.

Our integrated Better. Believe it. campaign helped CiCi’s Pizza achieve a sustained boost in sales where previous campaign efforts had merely provided spikes, setting the table for our successful digital extension of Cicis 360 rebrand campaign.
Bridging each of these campaigns and extending beyond, our ongoing digital media program continues to drive higher mobile engagement, leading to higher in-store traffic at Cicis’ 400+ locations nationwide.


Increase in Store Revenue


Hyper-local Digital User Converions


Brand-building Impressions


Traffic Over 4 Week Period


Ad Clicks


Display Smartphone CTB Above Industry Average