Shining Some Flattering Light on a Thoughtful Skincare Line

Looking good and feeling good often go hand in hand. But when you’re someone who is always on-the-go, finding the time to build up that confidence is much easier said than done. So when Amway’s Artistry Studio™ Skin sought to promote their new skincare product line, we knew we needed to give consumers a way to turn their skincare routines into a moment of peace, setting them up to tackle every day with a fresh face.

Here’s how we helped Artistry Studio Skin illuminate consumers’ inner glow with their latest line of products.



Most 18-30 year old women don’t know the Artistry brand of products well enough to advocate for them or have the time to try them unless recommended.


Overcoming Daunting Routines

For 18 – 30 year old women, buying beauty items can be daunting. There are more than 70,000 businesses that sell beauty products in the United States which may drive some women to stay with their current beauty routines and retailers. Simultaneously, our target is being told that she needs to invest in herself and that beauty is self-care. This is difficult for our on-the-go target because it feels like we’re asking her to add another thing to her already cramped schedule that may or may not work for her.


Repurposing the Daily Routine

Artistry Studio Skin needed to enable their target customer to make the most of her already limited time. So, we repurposed her daily skincare routine as an opportunity to reflect, center and prepare to take on the world. By doing so with products that enhance her natural beauty rather than conceal it, her skincare routine can become an act of mediation and mindfulness that truly lets her glow show.


Giving Artistry Studio Skin Space to Shine on Social

In order to reach our audience where we knew they were already consuming media – on social – we did a complete social takeover. Across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we archived any previous posts and reskinned all profile pictures and bios to Artistry Studio Skin branding. This enabled us to get the brand in front of consumers and give our posts a moment to stand out across our social feeds.


Building a Strong Base

With a product as real as its consumers, we wanted to get real people talking about Artistry Studio Skin. In order to facilitate authentic product reviews in the beauty, wellness & lifestyle space, we developed relationships with a variety of paid and unpaid influencer partners that spanned across a number of content creation verticals. Our tiered influencer approach allowed us to accomplish multiple campaign goals: build buzz for the product line, drive awareness of virtual event and generate influencer created content.

By prioritizing content creation and content ownership, we were able to extend the longevity of influencer partnerships and increase ROI for the Studio Skin Zen+Energy Virtual Retreat and collection launch.

Our partners included:

  • Launch Ambassadors: Deeply integrated partnerships with deliverables spanning product trial & review, content creation and participation in our virtual event
  • Content Creators: Partnerships structured specifically for creation of assets
    for brand usage on owned channels
  • Engagement Drivers: Leveraged for high-engagement driving content like giveaways, product launch information & virtual event amplification
  • Product Mailer Recipients: Product review & UGC driver through the distribution of branded product mailers to up-and-coming influencers


Creating the Perfect Mix of Zen and Energy

For our product launch, we wanted to illuminate every side of our Glow getters and get them buzzing about the new product line. What better way to celebrate together than by treating everyone to a well-deserved Zen+Energy Virtual Retreat?

An event housed within a custom microsite, we partnered with 10 experts around the country to curate exclusive content that perfectly reflects the Artistry Skin Studio product line. To drive buzz before the event, we created a number of “drops” on our social channels, slowly revealing the skincare line and giving away prizes to lucky winners.

Our Zen+Energy Virtual Retreat got our audience re-centered, energized, connected and ready to let their glow show.

From our social reskin to our virtual retreat, we exceeded every single cliuent and Amp benchmark set forth. The Virtual Retreat saw over 5K registrations and over 4K attendees over the course of the event for attendance rate of 81% (goal 50%). Our audiences utilized the live chat to praise the new line and expressed interest in future events like these.


Impressions (paid + organic + influencer), resulting in over 142K engagements.


Microsite visits and 10.9K on-site activity engagements (photo booth pics and playlist clicks)