Three Awesome Things You Missed at CES Because Everyone Was Too Busy Talking About Tablets


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Don’t get me wrong, I <3 technology. I am completely enamored by all things plasticy, shiny, button-filled and new. Throw in a blinking light of some sort, and I’ll probably fetch my wallet.

That aside, I feel that there are several breakthrough technologies that were showcased at CES that the general public will not see for another year until they hit the mainstream. So get your clicking-finger ready to learn about more than tablet computers and 3D everything. These technologies are truly revolutionary and inspiring. Sorry, 10.1Ë? Angry Birds.

  • Etymotic EB1 and EB15 Earplugs; they silence loud noise and amplify soft ones. Perfect for Army snipers or your easily-startled granny. http://goo.gl/wPoew
  • BPG Motors; they’ve been working on this a long time, but they are finally near completion. It’s the world’s raddest unicycle. http://goo.gl/4937N
  • Samsung Flexible AMOLED Displays; these too, have been in the works a long time, but have finally become a reality. This will allow everyday items to turn into a very rugged, very awesome display. The jazzy tunes in this clip are free of charge – http://goo.gl/m9Q3
  • T-Pain Microphone; This. Will. Change. Your. Life. Okay, it won’t, but it’s amazing to see that someone still thinks autotune is funny and/or a good idea. http://goo.gl/hrh6Q

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