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For over a decade, Insomniac had been recognized as the nation’s leading promoter of electronic dance music (EDM) events, and its web presence revolved around promoting and publicizing those events. However, in the wake of its acquisition by entertainment giant Live Nation, found itself with a whole new mandate – to become an online content destination for all things EDM, with a user base that would enable deeper opportunities for sponsorships and targeted re-marketing.

Here’s how we helped Insomniac become an advertiser-valued publisher, while continuing to meet the needs of its core audience.


  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Development
  • UX Design
  • Site Optimization
  • Web & Mobile Development


Attracting the EDM fans that advertisers want to reach demands content that is relevant, timely, and engaging, but Insomniac’s platform lacked the requisite publishing and syndication capabilities. This metamorphosis would require a redesign towards a mobile-first responsive experience, to be delivered in time for EDC Las Vegas. The reimagined destination would also need to meet new advertiser demands for deeper demographic insights by building up user profiles and interests over time, based on their digital behaviors such as what they read, which shows they attend, which level tickets they buy, and more.


Without regular updates of compelling content, there would be no incentive for consumers to visit Insomniac with the regularity that could drive ad revenue. So, needed to offer a lot more than just festival and event information – it needed to completely transform its identity to become an editorially driven, lifestyle-focused, one-stop content hub.



We re-conceptualized – not only redesigning the visual experience, but creating an all-new content management system (CMS) to reimagine it as a fully functioning editorial site – one that expands its breadth to encompass a wider range of EDM lifestyle content while continuing to integrate layered event information.

Site Redesign: Bringing Editorial To Life

The newfound prioritization of content demanded a highly flexible digital publishing platform to enable rapid deployment. Our developers built an extensively customized CMS in Drupal that allows the client to curate, manage and edit nearly everything within the site, including the rich navigation.


The client sought a more visually expressive online presence for its brand, so we helped create a visual language and iconographic design systems for particular categories within the site to help visitors find their way.

These design elements were put to use in interactive features such as EDC Las Vegas City.


The site’s responsive design ensures that it looks and functions superbly on mobile devices.


To support the Insomniac’s e-commerce needs, the site features a clear path to purchase for both events and merchandise.


The site also featured a social component to support the content, enabling visitors to discover new artists and see the latest conversations about DJs and other vital EDM topics.


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