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How we helped Kaiser Permanente demystify healthcare and deliver personalized member experiences.



Kaiser Permanente is a $60B non-profit healthcare provider with over 180,000 employees and a unique, personalized approach to providing care to its 11M+ members. Through its 600 convenient one-stop medical centers, KP’s medical staff forge lifelong bonds with their members, proving that personal connections are key to its purpose.

The digital world disrupted KP’s approach to providing personalized service, as the path to becoming a member became highly fragmented and complex. Populations of all ages came to demand a more digitally-led approach to shopping, enrolling, and managing every aspect of care.

Here’s how we helped Kaiser Permanente reinvent the customer experience across its digital ecosystem to better serve their members and communities.

our roles

  • Digital and Content Strategy
  • Visioning and Prototyping
  • Digital Brand Styleguide
  • Web and Mobile
  • Systems Integration
  • Platform Development


Kaiser Permanente's goal to excel in quality and personalized service became increasingly challenging across their digital footprint as it had to provide localized support to members who used their product through government exchanges, brokers and employers. With the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) the member experience became more fragmented, complex and difficult to navigate. To address this, KP and AMP began their four-year partnership with the goal of transforming their ecosystem into cohesive digital experiences that effortlessly service the needs of shoppers, members, and employees at every step, in any channel.


The power of Kaiser Permanente flows from its core belief that all humans deserve the right to thrive - not just receive healthcare. When KP launched their now-ubiquitous “Thrive” campaign, it changed the healthcare industry forever, radically elevating all healthcare shoppers’ expectations for digital care. However, the healthcare and insurance shopping, enrollment, and usage process was notoriously complex and opaque - and anxiety of change drove most shoppers to just settle with sub-optimal care just to avoid the new, the unknown, or change in any other form.



Patients have a myriad of needs along the long and difficult process of choosing healthcare and coverage. We met with patients and business leaders from around the country to better understand their purchasing motivations during the phases of Discovery, Exploration, Engagement and Consideration, Comparison, and Enrollment. We then created a communication strategy that embodied the ideals of “Thrive” and satisfied the needs of KP’s healthcare shoppers.

Shopper Care became the embodiment of the ideals of the Thrive campaign and were brought to life in the digital world. At the foundation of the approach, Shopper Care teaches consumers the values of an integrated approach to care and coverage, answers their questions, and helps them make better decisions. 

Kaiser Permanente

To prepare the Kaiser team, AMP created guidelines and tools to use when building digital experiences to ensure they would be consistent with the tenets of Shopper Care. So, when Kaiser Permanente was preparing their products for the newly-created exchanges, and their flagship digital destination along with it, Shopper Care was the basis for creating a simple and usable version of shopper-facing digital content.


AMP was tasked with leveraging the learnings from our consumer research into a new set of business-critical digital destinations for KP, routing users to content for health plans, services, and locations. The resulting journeys were built using clear communication and insights about shopper needs. Each element of the journey served a specific purpose and was designed for a particular audience. The communication approach used simple, human language, and didn’t inundate any user with more content than they cared to consume.

Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente

Once the new front doors were up and running and we validated that the new approaches to content and communication were working, KP was eager to share a new standard toolkit of design, content, and communication with their enterprise. AMP was tasked with the creation of a new Digital Brand Guideline system to be enacted across the enterprise’s many channels and organizations.

Kaiser Permanente

AMP initially focused on the home page design and content for and the “Thrive” sites, developing the content strategy and ultimately building the new experiences. The new KP front door and Thrive landing pages made it easy for consumers to understand the benefits of care and coverage from Kaiser Permanente, and helped folks find the best plan for themselves and their dependents. In addition, the Viva Bien experience provided the same, friendly experience to consumers who speak Spanish.

KP knew that its corporate and regional marketing efforts could benefit by further implementing the successful Shopper Care-driven content strategy across their marketing and advertising channels. AMP created this vision and developed a new approach to highly-targeted media and content, bringing medical offices and centers into the process, targeting local consumers, and using the calendars of actual locations to invite would-be members to experience the KP difference firsthand.

Kaiser Permanente


In under a year, AMP worked to design a new online experience that combined KP’s core belief in personalized care in a digital world and created a seamless connection between patients and caregivers. The platform allows the Parkinson’s community to connect online and ask and receiver answers to important questions. We delivered on the mission to provide a place for loving support to patients and families from experts and caregivers.

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