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Whether in a retail store, on a retailers site, or, a marketing intelligence platform has custom-created tools to power insight for both the customer and business.  By helping customers quickly understand product capabilities and differentiators, they could also experience the products digitally, get additional information, or click through to purchase—all with an emphasis on ease of access.

With iRobot’s marketing intelligence platform, customers typically learn everything they need to know in under three minutes. Customers receive intelligent AI driven recommendations, and can be confident that the model they're about to buy is tailored to their needs.






It can be tricky when a user is interested in purchasing an automated vacuum, but they’re not sure what robot to buy—or even what sets each iRobot model apart from the others. The AMP Tech team was tasked with designing and developing a multi-level marketing intelligence platform that could assist the user in knowing which robot vacuum will best fit their needs.

Key Features

What was initially developed as solely an in-store digital iRobot product-pairing tool quickly evolved into a tool enabling content management and customer engagement. Data can now be gathered from across the globe through physical, tablet-based retail experiences, embeddable web experiences, CRM data tools, and social engagement tools. The interactive product showcase leads customers through a quiz about how they'd most like a vacuum to operate, shows them how the technology works, and makes specific product recommendations based on the input. It also consolidates customer data for on-going customer engagement and sales analysis.


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The single, centralized CMS drives location-specific in-store applications, pushed to 1,500+ retail locations in 31 different languages. It’s a unified system that powers CMS-driven app development, embeddable web containers powering portions of, and other retail partner sites through easy-to-integrate snippets of Javascript. Complex permissions and versioning system enables global platform setups or overrides down to the partner, store, and user levels. Custom data collection and reports about customer engagement are also captured for use in future campaigns. 


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Check it Out Live!

The marketing intelligence product showcase primarily consists of three vastly different virtual "products": An In-store Application, a Consumer Quiz, and a Comparison Chart. Each with different features and capabilities, the combined effect is finding the best fit product for each consumer, while simultaneously collecting data. Let's take a look at some of that work! 

In-Store Application

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Above is the live product display and user roadmap for the in-store application. What sets the in-store application apart from the other virtual services is the experiential depth, and customers’ ability to interact with the display. The tablet on display allows the user to view customer testimonies and take a customer quiz, which ultimately suggests the optimal iRobot product. Often found in retail locations, the experience empowers an interested customer to make a purchase immediately after completion. 


Consumer Quiz

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While there are similarities between the quiz and the in-store application, the consumer quiz can be accessed through a personal device, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktops computer. Customizable quiz components support both single and multiple answers for an easily comprehensible, user-friendly experience.  The results are collected, and the customer is redirected to a window where they can view results. With each interaction, data is collected internally for simple analysis. 


Comparison Chart

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The comparison chart is also accessible to the everyday customer on their personal device. Whether they are on their smartphone, tablet, or computer, the intuitive chart visualizes the key differences between the numerous products. The customer can select which specific vacuums they would like to compare and further examine the features which best fit their needs. From there, the customer can easily click through to the particular product's page. 

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