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How our 8-year partnership helped FX leverage emerging platforms to
transform the viewership experience and increase its sponsorship value.



As digital and streaming media continued to alter viewing habits and upend traditional broadcast revenue models, the ever-growing FX Networks required an always-on digital presence that could live up to its innovative, cutting edge programming and serve its tech-savvy audience.

Here’s how we helped FX redefine tune-in, build new technology platforms, and grow advertiser value for its audiences.

our roles

  • Digital AOR
  • Technology Operations 
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Multi-Screen Content Development
  • Platform Security & Maintenance


With the rise of streaming and mobile platforms, FX Networks faced an issue of viewership fragmentation at the exact time it was seeking to build on the success of its brand by expanding programming. As its network offerings expanded from one to three with the launches of FXX and FXM, its library of original programming also multiplied. To sustain viewership and sponsorship value, FX would need to connect its sprawling collection of online destinations and diversely branded show content into one unified platform.


FX’s edgy, fearless programming is central to its success with a savvy millennial audience – but that very same audience is also especially demanding when it comes to an ever-connected, constant stream of content. With the rapid explosion of mobile, tablet and social, fans expect to discover, connect and engage with their favorite FX content on their own terms. FX needed to embrace the reality that “tune-in” is no longer limited just to TV viewership, when digital ad products and earned media are also creating new sponsorship opportunities.


on their terms

AMP partnered with FX and Huge to transform its digital presence into a robust, connected technology platform that delivered episodic content, editorial, and ad products across devices at a time of explosive audience growth.


Visioning & Prototyping: Seeing The Future of Tune-In

We helped FX map out a new vision for the network based on audience viewing habits across all available screens. Our creative team quickly prototyped a content-forward vision designed to improve audience engagement rates and increase retention across all devices.


Building A Unified Platform

AMP’s technology team helped architect and designed the content platform and mappings that would realize the vision of an FXNOW app, capable of reaching audiences on every device.


The content-forward approach drives viewership by engaging fans and enabling them to easily connect on whichever screen they choose.

AMP integrated TV Everywhere with Adobe Pass to allow audiences to access FX content, including live conversation and real-time updates. This allowed FX to preserve its satellite and cable provider relationships, while enabling users to authenticate and access blockbuster movies in addition to FX and FXX original content.


Platform Maintenance: Supporting An Expanding Content Base

With a partnership that began in 2008, AMP has built and maintained a multitude of online destinations for FX as its brand offering has continued to expand.

We’ve provided end-to- end technology and content support to the entire suite of FXNOW platforms, serving the respective needs of various shows and even executing new technical integrations with these existing platforms.

From creative design, concepting and copywriting to publishing, scheduling and QA, our teams provide the comprehensive range of skills and services necessary to support all of FX’s series content.


FX Emoji App: Staying Top-of- Mind During Downtime

When FX needed a way to extend its show brands into continued fan engagement between episodes and seasons, we identified customized emojis as an extensible method that would resonate with audiences. Furthermore, with growing support for custom keyboards on iOS & Android, the timing was spot-on.

AMP leveraged new capabilities in iOS 8 to enable a custom emoji keyboard for the iPhone, solving a complex install process with simple How-To screens, while creating back-end integrations to allow for new emojis and shows to be updated dynamically over time.


FX Win8 App: Keeping Fans Engaged

Since destinations with social integrations and personalization features ensure that the shows – and the FX brand – remain top-of-mind, we created an FX Win8 app that lets fans be part of the global conversation and share reactions as they watch.


FX Win10 App Update: Enhancing User Experience Through Voice Commands, Cortana and Microsoft LiveTiles

While the first iteration of the app was released for Windows desktop and tablet in 2013, the entertainment network wanted to give it an upgrade: one that could target Windows 10 mobile, support voice commands and queries—thanks to Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant—and also be tied to the Windows LiveTiles user interface. The enhancements will enable even greater engagement with FX Networks’ acclaimed and award-winning series, including every episode ever of The Simpsons.


Products & Packages: Driving Advertiser Value

AMP also created show-sponsored ad sales products and content related to dozens of brands.

These include integrated sponsorship activations, such as sweepstakes that help achieve FX’s CRM objectives by offering fans of specific shows the chance to compete for exclusive prizes like access to red carpet events.

These integrations also feature co-branded microsites and social media pages to act as hubs that drive new audience engagement around each individual show.



During our nearly decade-long partnership, FX has evolved from a dark horse start-up cable channel into a massive three-network programming powerhouse. We’re proud to have supported and contributed to this phenomenal growth across the digital space.

“Their resourcefulness and execution has allowed our websites to come to life, even under tight deadlines. Through working together closely on a daily basis, AMP has proven to be a key partner for FX.”

Jason Phipps
Senior Vice President, Digital Media, FX Networks


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