February 2, 2016

Why We Feel Music

maxresdefault-3.jpgWe love Jason Silva, in the right doses. Whether you're watching Brain Games, or his Shots of Awe on YouTube, the guy is fun to listen to and watch - and he's able to ignite a thirst for wonder about the world around us (and within us) with his short videos. 

In any case, his latest Shot of Awe talks about the power of music, which is an inescapable topic as we all create branded content, commercials, sponsored playlists - and it's easy to see how important music is to the world - it's the top-searched term, far and away, on YouTube.


So, settle in, and take a shot to the noggin with Jason for a moment, and then go find some Zeppelin - or whatever you're into - and have a great afternoon :)


Watch Jason Silva's "Why Music Makes Us Feel" on YouTube

Watch "Why Music Makes Us Feel" on YouTube 

Topics: psychology, music