March 8, 2016

Which Jobs Get Right-Swiped?


File under "my digital world encroaching on my physical world." Are you on Tinder? Yeah. Hi. OK, how many A/B tests of profile photos and details have you run recently? In the era of the quantified self, optimization is the name of the game. Want more right-swipes? What's it worth to you? Would you consider a change in career?

Here's a nice piece about the performance of 90-day-old profile features of education and career details from CNN Money. They've pulled together a list of the 15 top careers from the most-right-swiped profiles in January and February 2016. Now, this is obviously more about correlation than causation, at this point - but, interesting, nonetheless. Are you a dude looking for more right-swipes? Consider joining the ranks of pilots, founders, firefighters, doctors, and tv/radio personalities. Are you a lady looking for less left-swipe-action? Maybe look into becoming a physical therapist, an interior designer, an entrepreneur, a teacher, or getting into PR. Get the full lists from CNN Money's piece and prosper.

"Jobs that get the most right swipes on Tinder"

Topics: Social Media, Jobs, Dating