February 18, 2016

Microsoft's Move to Inclusive Design


Increasingly, we're all in the design business. Design as problem-solving. Design as the act of creation. Design thinking. You've probably read 100 articles this year already on the subject. At BLITZ, it's obviously a hot topic. In fact, modern business puts design at the center of the simple question, "What are you doing to solve your customers' problems?" Your answer to that question points to the importance and role of design in your organization, right?


Well, check this out. Microsoft, a massive maker of so many things that so many of us use, is rolling out new thinking in their design process. It's being called Inclusive Design - and while not wholly new, per se - it is different than most "start-with-the-happy-path" or "begin-with-giving-life-to-what-the-underlying-engineering-can-do" approaches we see in corporations today. Inclusive Design starts by studying overlooked communities; dyslexics, the deaf, physically-handicapped, special populations. This approach learns about how these special populations adapt to their world - and in doing so - it enables you to build better products for everyone else.


Take a look at the well-written piece at Fast Company. It's a great read.


"Microsoft's Radical Bet On A New Type Of Design Thinking"

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