February 18, 2016

Alexandra Elbakyan is the Robin Hood of Science


File this under "information should be free, (as in air, maybe not as in beer.)"


Alexandra Elbakyan, a neuroscientist in Russia founded a website called SciHub in 2011 that now hosts over 47 million academic papers. Obviously this is a big deal for researchers and students that can't afford access to otherwise expensive academic journals. And, obviously, this is illegal.


It's another fascinating case in the unfolding history of content freedom vs. content monetization and the (r)evolution of the publishing business. Will this industry, like so many others, move toward consolidation and subscription, a la Spotify and Netflix? Or, will it remain a series of walled gardens?


Read the great A-to-Z on the situation from Vox.

"Why one woman stole 47 million academic papers..."

Topics: Science, Information Freedom, Monetization