Inspired by the Ad Club's Women's Leadership Forum

Source: The Ad Club Last Monday, a few AMPers had the pleasure of attending the Ad Club's Women's Leadership Forum. We heard from inspiring women who shared their unique personal stories. Read what inspired us most.  Takeaway #1 - Push the status quo. "Just because a process or solution is not broken does not mean it should not be fixed.  Constantly look at processes that are working and think about innovative ways to make them better. Don't let the immediate issues get all of your attention!  Have conversations with people outside of your discipline. Often this space is where the best ideas are formed.  Go from the gut ' instead of the head. And, nurture the places that feel natural to grow into.  If we stay in one lane, in neutral, we are never going to have enough momentum to climb the hill when it appears." - Katelyn Nadeau , Director, Shopper Marketing     Takeaway #2 - Anything is possible. "My biggest takeaway was that anything is possible. You can change directions and if you have the courage, you will still come up successful." - Meredith Rice, Director, Integrated Marketing Group     Takeaway #3 - No experience is wasted.  "A common theme among most of the speakers was that past experience, no matter how unrelated it seems to what you are currently doing, is extremely valuable. Previous careers can inform and strengthen your perspective in a new role. Innovation and a strategic mindset definitely comes from forward thinking individuals, but it also requires wisdom and deep understanding of what you have learned in the past."  - Magda Losonczy, Account Director Takeaway #4 - Don't wait for it.  "Don't wait to be asked to lead nine times ' go for it after the first." - Sarah Wickman, Account Supervisor       What are the most inspirational speeches, quotes or stories you've heard? Share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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