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Which Game Mechanics Make It to the Top?

The fact is, many game developers are guided by the commercial success of projects from GooglePlay and AppStore’s US top grossing lists. They direct their attention to the top 20 highest grossing games, spawning countless Clash of Clans or Candy Crush clones. However, games from the "deeper" top shouldn’t be written off: the profit they make is quite high. This article analyzes more than 300 games by mechanics and defines what it is that makes them successful. The moneymaker moves.

Gatorade is Running a Serena Williams Snapchat Video Game Ad

Gatorade is pushing the boundaries of Snapchat with a video game ad tied to the U.S. Open. The old-school tennis game features 22 levels with each representing one of Serena Williams’ Grand Slam wins. Level 23 will unlock on September 10, the day of the Women’s Finals, should Williams win. We're not waiters, but boy, can we serve.

Nike Wants to Be Your Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are for Hollywood stars and Olympic athletes, not mere mortals like you and me. But thanks to technology, it's now possible to experience some of the benefits of personal training without making an Olympic-size dent in your budget. With the latest version of fitness app Nike+ Run Club, for example, personalized coaching for newbie runners is central to the experience.   Get it right get it tight.

The Best Platforms Are More than Matchmakers

The power of digital platforms to profitably disrupt industries continues to impress. Platform leaders like Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber and Google redefine user experience and expectations. What really makes them work? True platform innovators aren’t just market matchmakers using data-driven algorithms to drive better buyer-seller matches; they invest in value creation. Empowering me empowers you.

IBM Hired Hundreds of Designers to Figure Out What Customers Want

IBM, Cognizant, Infosys and others have been racing to hire thousands of designers who once would have taken more specialized jobs—say, at an ad agency—to team up with engineers and consultants and embed with a multiplicity of clients. Besides providing customer insights, the teams encourage constant feedback and tweak products as they're built—a process aimed at getting them out faster. It's how successful Silicon Valley startups operate but radical for the IT services industry. Products for the people.

Timeline Gold: How Do Brands Use Social Data Creatively

In the age of ad blocking, brands are racing to create content that will get users opting in rather than out. Personalization is a crucial part of this and brands are mining users’ social feeds to create more meaningful, and tailored, campaigns. Here are five brands aiming to take user-generated content and spinning it into a brand experience.  Get personal with me.

Facebook to Add ‘Secret Conversations’ to Messenger App

Today, Facebook said it will begin testing “secret conversations” inside Messenger, a feature that offers end-to-end encryption on some messages to be read only on the two mobile devices that users are communicating with. While it stops short of the full encryption that other messaging services like WhatsApp have adopted, it gives Messenger a heightened mode of security that Facebook hopes will attract global audiences to download the app. Can I tell you a secret?

The Tyranny of Messaging and Notifications

Tech companies are turning messaging from a service into a platform, with supposedly intelligent bots, assistants and apps built into them. Apple is beefing up iMessage. Facebook is beefing up Messenger. Google is launching two new platforms: Allo for text, images and emojis, and Duo for videos. Maybe these bots/assistants/apps will be a means to controlling and focusing your communications, but more likely, they will spew more notifications you don’t care about. I can't handle another messaging service.

Technology May Be Retail’s Only Savior

Across the retail industry, a debate has been brewing about the role of digital in bricks-and-mortar stores. From the use of beacons and mobile checkouts to on-screen product displays, the question of how — and why — technology should be used in retail is certainly a hot topic. And while many experts feel that filling shops with screens detracts from the customer experience, technology is probably the only thing that can save the modern in-store shopping experience.  Hate it or love it, tech is here to stay.

Cadillac Says Goodbye to Showrooms and Yes to Virtual Reality

Buyers walking into a Cadillac dealer in the near future could find an interesting thing on the car lot: nothing. A portion of stores will be converting into virtual dealerships in an effort to eliminate overhead and introduce sophisticated technology. However, driving off immediately with a new vehicle will be impossible because these stores won’t have inventory. So long, traditional selling model.

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