Tweet Dreams

Wash face. Brush teeth. Set alarm. Lights out. Check Twitter. Update Facebook status. Fall asleep. Wake up. Turn off alarm. Check email. Check weather. Check Facebook. Get out of bed. Does this routine sound familiar? We may not all admit it openly, but our mobile devices have slowly become a very large part of some of the more formerly sacred moment of our lives'?¦ including in bed. In a recent survey of 1000 social media users by Retrevo, 48% admitted to checking Facebook or Twitter after they went to bed. And shockingly, 11% of under 25's said they've accepted a text during more 'intimate'? moments. As 24/7 accessibility continues to be the norm, will a status update of 'sleeping'? just mean we should text instead of calling? Should makers of sleep aids be targeting the 2-4am time period with Facebook social ads? And should the mattresses of tomorrow come with a pillow for your smartphone? I tried to draw the line last night and prove to myself that I wasn't a part of the 48%, but just after shutting my iPhone off for the evening, I remembered that the device doubles as my alarm. So powering back up, I was met with a text'?¦ that I responded to'?¦ in bed. What about you? Are there any times when you actually turn off your phone? Or refuse to answer the chirp of a text message, or the vibration of a new email? And, if you're potentially lying awake in bed right now reading this, wouldn't you rather be sleeping?

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