(Video) 'Thought Leader' Gives Talk About 'Thought Leadership' That Will Inspire Your Thoughts

In 2005, Pat Kelly met another "thought leader" and asked him how he became a "thought leader" and he said 'I don't know.' It was then that he knew he could be one too. In this satirical video, Kelly confidently made grand statements, speaks with his hands, and has slides - all hallmarks of a true "thought leader" or "influencer." You know I'm a thought leader because I've just done this with my hands.

Darknet 101

The internet as most of us know it is only a small part of how the planet connects and does business. Jamie Bartlett, the author of “The Dark Net” offers an entertaining TED talk about, well, the dark net - this “hidden” part of the Internet, known as Tor hidden services, where URLs are a string of meaningless numbers and letters that end in .onion - where you can become an anonymous activist or buy cocaine. You know, the more you know, I guess. Don’t tell them we sent you. How the mysterious dark net is going mainstream  

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