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Every month we survey our Pulse Network, which is a network of over 10,000 High School and College Students. This month we heard back from 100 Pulse members. Here is what we learned. Michael Jackson Coverage Over the past couple of weeks, to say that Michael Jackson has been in the news would definitely be an understatement. We wanted to get a better understanding of whether or not High School and College students were actually watching the all the coverage. We got some mixed results ' see below. In the past couple weeks; there has been a lot of news coverage about Michael Jackson's death. How closely would you say you followed these stories? 14% stated I didn't pay attention at all to these stories 41% stated that I didn't follow the stories very closely 22% stated that I somewhat followed the stories 23% stated that I followed the stories very closely Did you watch the watch the Michael Jackson memorial service? 15% stated I watched the whole memorial service on TV 7% stated I watched the whole memorial service online 27% stated I watched bits and pieces of the memorial service 16% stated I only saw news clips of the memorial service 35% stated I didn't watch any of the memorial service Other News? We also wanted to find out if any other news stories captured their interest. Politics and celebrity topped the list ' see below. Other than Michael Jackson's death, what recent news stories have you been following? Is there anything that you would like to ask the Pulse Network? Let us know just email frequency@ampagency.com or post a comment.

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