Game On! An Open Field for Brands

by Bryan Cadogan, COO Having recently spent a long weekend with 10,000 of my closest friends at a youth soccer tournament, I had to wonder - where are the sponsors? Spending an entire day watching 10 to 14 year olds run around on fields (or 'pitches'?, as the British accented coaches would say) that are better maintained than most college fields, my business mind went to work - here are thousands of consumers who have nothing to do but watch soccer all day - wouldn't Adidas want to market to them while they are here? Shouldn't P&G be giving free samples of detergent to get all those grass stains out tonight, before tomorrow's game? Shouldn't Purell be giving each player a small bottle of sanitizer for after each handshake at the end of each game? (After all, it is flu season!) Grassroots marketing efforts would go a long way in reaching these consumers in their own environment. And if 10,000 people are in rural, central Massachusetts, think how many more are in other Labor Day tournaments across the country! Don't overlook the power of direct one-on-one interaction with a captive audience ' as we've seen at AMP the ROI potential is huge with grassroots efforts. Next up, the gymnastics scene'?¦

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