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Brands are constantly trying to find ways to become, and remain relevant, to their target consumer. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the approach recently taken by 'A bunch of Carrot Farmers'? which is aimed at getting younger consumers to eat more carrots. In other words, they're trying to make carrots 'cool.'? Is this even possible? You be the judge. So what did these Carrot Farmers do? They've taken carrots and positioned them in the exact way that kids are used to seeing junk food products marketed to them. They produced an over-the-top ad about carrots, which involves a machine gun, an attractive female, an extreme stunt, and a pterodactyl. Now, if that isn't already cool enough, they've also launched a baby carrot website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter page. They even revamped the packaging for baby carrots, and have started stocking them in vending machines in various high schools across the country. Now all this is great and everything, but you're probably saying to yourself, 'Are kids really going out and buying carrots? Or, are they just going to think these farmers are trying too hard and call them lame??'? We recently conducted focus groups with males ages 13-21, and heard over and over again how they dislike it when a brand 'tries too hard'? or tried to be something it's not. However, when a brand is so completely ridiculous with their approach, they know it isn't meant to be serious and they actually like it. But what will kids think of this new look for carrots? If you ask me, I don't think anyone can see what this bunch of carrot farmers have done, and take it seriously. The approach is done in a way that is so wacky, that you can't not get that they're trying to be funny, all while taking a jab at the way some brands position their products. And as I just mentioned above, this resonates very well with today's younger consumers. Now, if the commercial was a group of teenagers hanging out at a park/mall, eating carrots, laughing, and having a grand old time ' then, it would clearly be trying too hard. Another thing to always keep in mind is that it's not enough to just make a cool ad or fancy website. In order to truly fit into your consumer's life, you have to be where they are. The fact alone that carrots are now being offered in vending machines at high schools makes them more readily available, and will help increase the amount of teens eating carrots. It's now something they can get on their own, instead of something that their mom buys for them ' which is so un-cool. It will be interesting if carrots remain a popular choice, or if teens will go back to the Doritos and cookies if/when the hype dies down. I know one thing is for sure ' I'm going to buy some carrots. They're so awesome. How do you think this is going to be received?

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