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Product Pages + FlixMedia = More Sales

As consumers continue to buy online, retailers are under more and more pressure to refine their sites to convert to sales. However, the average conversion rate for most e-comm sites is still hovering around the 3-4% mark globally. While there are a myriad of reasons of why someone would leave your site before buying, one of the main causes is usually attributed to not delivering the product information they were seeking. This can be solved through optimizing your product pages with more in-depth information, such as images, videos, and consumer reviews. Given that updating an e-comm site to add this content usually requires integration between the UX, creative, development and marketing departments, it can take a while to get changes made. Enter Flixmedia, a UK-based company who is the leader in product page optimization*. Flixmedia has made it easy for retailers to quickly add in enhanced product information to their site pages. Using existing assets, they are able to seamlessly incorporate product imagery and videos into the product page. They also use innovative technology in their dynamic hotspots, giving consumers an opportunity to interact with the product. Why are we so obsessed with Flixmedia? Because they produce results. Adding interactive hotspots has resulted in increasing conversion rates by 28%. Adding imagery and videos to product pages has grown Add to Cart rates by an average of 23%. Don’t spend all that time and money driving traffic to a site that doesn’t convert. Optimize your product pages to give consumers the information they are looking for and leave that 3-4% in the dust. *Full disclosure: Flixmedia is owned by our same parent company, Advantage Solutions

Am I a Greedy Consumer?

Retailers have very effectively trained me when and how to shop and I sometimes wonder whether I will I ever pay full-price again. I live very close to the Natick Collection and go there often. I shop like I'm a woman on a mission ' when I'm at the mall, I know when to go and where to go to get the best deals and savings . You've seen it and probably have been trained, too ' every store has their discount on display in their window and their e-marketing teams are working overtime. When I logged into my Yahoo account yesterday, I counted 20+ emails from retailers begging for my business that day. Subject lines included: '30% off all Outerwear ,'? 'Take 20% off a single item ' 1 Day Only!,'? and 'Whitney, Only two Days Left! 20% OFF Ends Tomorrow!'? By keeping an eagle-eye on my email box, scouring sale racks, and faithfully perusing off-price department stores, I walk away with clothes and labels that I've spotted on celebrities in some of my favorite magazines. I honestly don't remember the last time that I bought something full-price. I know that my expectation for buying quality goods at discounted prices has been a gradual development ' the economy (of course), greater financial responsibility with a growing family, and maturity were probably all nails in the full-price retail coffin in my life. I wonder if this will ever change. Will there be a day that I comfortably and confidently walk out of the mall with a big, glossy, luxury department store shopping bag full of full-price stuff? Is that ten years down the road? Twenty years? Ever? For a believer in the power of building a strong, aspirational brand, I struggle with what retailers and brands will need to do to stop the cycle and train us to be full-price shoppers again? How will they deliver value that is as meaningful to consumers as 'dollars off'?? Convenience? Service? Quality? But what if we've been trained to expect it all?

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