Presidential Election Causes Search Interest Drop in Real Estate and Travel

This year’s presidential election grabbed the attention of the country at historic levels.  According to Nielsen, over 71 million people watched the results during prime time on Tuesday, and it was the most-watched night of programming in the history of both CNN and Fox News. During this historic event, search queries for real estate and travel plummeted, while queries related to the economy spiked. Searches for “mortgage rates,” “interest rates,” “stock market crash,” and even “how to move to Canada” dominated the web as the election unfolded. So why is interest in real estate and travel suffering so much during this election? Here’s our theory: significant changes in leadership often cause uncertainty. A new president may mean new economic policies and any number of unknown measures to come. Anxiety for the future of the US economy has caused people to temporarily pause their pursuit of travel and real estate. The good news is that search interest has already begun to recover over the days since the election, and will hopefully soon be back to pre-election volumes.  Our team will be watching these trends closely and reporting on the behaviors of a more cautious search audience in the days and weeks to come.

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