Burger King Tries to Scare Customers by Dressing Up as McDonald's for Halloween

What's the scariest thing Burger King could do for Halloween? Dress itself up as McDonald's, apparently. In a stunt, Burger King wrapped an entire store in Queens, New York, in a ghostly white sheet emblazoned with the words "McDonald's." Boo-ger King.

Chipotle, Still Suffering as Sales Slide Again, Sees Hope in Rewards

Still in a slump since the reports of E.coli and other food issues began to spread last fall, Chipotle now sees encouragement through early results from its loyalty program. Chipotle on July 1 introduced Chiptopia, their first loyalty program that offers enticements such as an order of chips and guacamole for those who register, and chances to get free burritos as spending increases each month during the three months it is set to last. Since launch, Chipotle is already seeing about 30% of all transactions in its restaurants tied to Chiptopia. Spice up your life.

McDonald’s: It’s the Glue That Holds Communities Together

On the morning of their wedding, Omar and Betty shared a breakfast of egg McMuffins at a small McDonald’s table, dressed in their finest clothes. Few understand celebrating at a McDonald’s. When many lower-income Americans feel isolated and empty, they yearn for physical social networks. All across US, this happens organically at McDonald’s. The ROMEO club - Retired Old Men Eating Out - doesn't sound too shabby.

(Video) Guests at This Exclusive L.A. Dinner Party Were Eating McDonald's Ingredients

L.A. celebrity chef Neal Fraser, who runs Red Bird, served up guests soup made from guacamole, meatballs made from burger mince, a romaine salad, a chicken breast rolled in bacon and other mouthwatering-looking dishes. Guests thought the food was delicious, only at the end it is revealed that they were eating McDonald’s. Mm, guacamole soup.

The Organic Food Revolution That is Minting Millionaires

As consumers become more discerning about what they eat, many start-ups are pulling off successful launches in organic food – an industry notoriously difficult to crack. Hot trends include gluten-free, paleo, non-GMO foods and clean labels. You can have your organic cake and eat it too.

How Domino’s Put Automagic Pizza on Every Device. Like, Every Device

AnyWare is Domino’s ambitious campaign to let you order pizza on every platform as quickly as humanly and technologically possible. After conquering voice, the company quickly colonized other platforms. A Pebble smartwatch here, an in-car system there. Last year, the company decided to give the digital expansion some clever branding.   How AnyWare was born

How Maple Built An Insanely Efficient, Chipotle-Crushing Food Delivery Machine

The current gold standard for zipping patrons through a lunch line ("throughput") is Chipotle, which manages to serve 300 meals per hour at its best-performing locations. Maple, a David Chang backed restaurant in New York, set a new record: 1,100 meals cooked and delivered in one hour. Maple doesn’t have tables, cash registers, or waiters. It delivers your meal via a fleet of bike couriers and is betting that it can sell more meals per hour, using less real estate, than a traditional restaurant. The app based restaurant

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