3D is Coming to a Living Room Near You

By Nira Colonero, Intern, Consumer Insights When it comes to technology, I'm always looking for the next big thing. So when my professor mumbled something about 3D televisions in my Marketing Management class last week, I had to find out more. Three-dimensional films have been around for generations, but new technologies are now enhancing the visual experience right from your own living room, putting you directly into the middle of the action of your favorite TV shows, sports games, and even video games. Companies such as LG, Samsung and Mitsubishi are developing prototypes of 3D TVs that require no glasses, putting the worry of being seen in those bulky, less-than-fashionable 3D glasses at bay. Although this technology will be extremely expensive upon its initial release, it's not a far-fetched fantasy that one day 3D home viewing will be a global norm. This technology will most certainly change the way brands market to consumers. Advertising will enter a new era of unlimited possibilities where 3D will become more than just a marketing gimmick. Brands will have the capability to stop viewers in their tracks with attention grabbing effects that are almost real enough to touch. It kind of gives a new meaning to 'reaching'? a target market! 3D advertising sounds amazing to any marketer, but in the eyes of some consumers, it could be viewed as an invasion of their home.  Brands will have to consider consumer apprehension to this new technology by creating ads that are engaging on a comfortable level. Only time will tell if this will be a new and exciting advertising experience that consumers will embrace and accept.

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