Location Tracking and the Trouble With 'Opting In'

Anyone who's opened a new app lately has seen a location- tracking pop-up that reads something like, "Allow app to access this device's location?" Most people tap "Allow" on the assumption that it's necessary for the app to do its thing. In reality, the app might not need location data in order to work. But its business partners do, and so do its partners' partners. In fact, making money off otherwise unnecessary location tracking may be the main reason that the app was developed in the first place. One way in, no way out.

Facebook Launches Marketplace, a Friendlier Craigslist

450 million people already visit “buy and sell” Groups on Facebook each month, and now the company is launching a whole tab in its app dedicated to peer-to-peer shopping. The potential is huge.

Here's What Different Mobile Ad Formats Do to Your Brain

Why do some mobile ad formats scream out "engagement" and others just annoy the heck out of people? Maybe it's the message, but more likely it's the response they trigger in your brain. If you're going to optimize your next mobile campaign, it will help to know the science of consumer response and what drives consumers to pay attention to ads on their phones. You used to engage me on my cellphone.

  • September 29, 2016

5 Charts: The Global State of Programmatic Right Now

Programmatic is sucking up more and more ad dollars as its buzzword status becomes more deeply entrenched. But as programmatic advertising continues to grow, marketers are becoming more concerned with issues of fraud, transparency and visibility. In recent months, a few research companies have released reports documenting trends in programmatic. Here are five charts that tell their story. Nowhere to go but up.

  • September 29, 2016

Google Trips Is a Killer Travel App For the Modern Tourist

Yesterday, Google announced Trips, a new app that serves as a trip planner and travel guide to explore new places. The free app will organize your plane tickets and hotel reservations, offer editorial guides to more than 200 cities, and make personalized recommendations based on your Google history. Best of all, it works offline: you can download everything to your phone before you leave, including maps and walking directions — sparing you from having to use an expensive international data plan. OTAs coming your way.

  • September 20, 2016

How Forbes Got Readers to Double the Time Spent Per Post on Mobile

For most news publishers, their audiences increasingly prefer visiting them on mobile devices. Forbes, which usually sees half its traffic coming to it this way in any given month, felt the problem firsthand. So six months ago, Chief Product Officer Lewis D’Vorkin decided to come up with a new way to present news for the mobile web – and the results are very promising. Forward with mobile.

  • September 15, 2016

The Complete Guide to Every Single New Emoji in iOS 10

Amidst all the crazy news at Apple's iPhone event last week, the announcement of new emoji may have gotten lost in the shuffle. As part of the iOS 10 update that rolled out this week, a slew of new – and for the most part, progressive – emoji are available on your iPhone. Yes to the men with bunny ears.

  • September 15, 2016

Even Newspaper Ads Aren't Declining As Fast As Desktop Ads

The next two years will not be kind to the now rapidly declining desktop ad industry. Zenith predicts that spending on smartphone ads will eclipse their desktop counterparts much sooner than anticipated — possibly as soon as next year — as people do more of their web browsing on smaller devices. I'm moving on to mobile.

  • September 13, 2016

With Apple's New iMessage Store, Brands Want in on Your Texts

Today Apple will be rolling out its iOS 10 update, and, with it, comes a shot across Facebook’s bow: Apple will be opening a dedicated app store for iMessage. The store will have virtual stickers and new animated features. Disney, Burger King, Mario Bros., Toyota and Betty Boop already all smell an opportunity and will be launching their own branded stickers on Apple iMessage. Messaging is here to stay.

  • September 13, 2016

The Future of Mobile Video is Virtual Reality

After the dust settles, the real takeaway from Instagram’s cloning of Snapchat is that the connected camera revolution is just beginning. Instagram Stories sends a powerful message to hundreds of millions of people for the first time: No moment is too small to capture with your smartphone camera. And in a world in which time spent in virtual reality keeps going up, interesting parallels start to emerge with our phones and headsets. Immersion is the next frontier.

  • September 1, 2016

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