The Post Smartphone Era

The smartphone market is mature; it is moving from “adoption cycle innovation” to “replacement cycle innovation.” Smartphone hardware improvements will start to look like the PC industry, in which new features aren’t much of a big deal, but the two billion and growing user base has laid the most critical foundation for the future. It is time to move our focus from smartphone hardware, mobile operating systems and perhaps even the apps themselves and begin to focus more on what the hardware, operating systems, and apps are enabling. Lower cost smartphones will be the single greatest act of financial inclusion the world has ever seen

Why Millennials Are Losing Interest in Banks

Most Millennials don't believe large financial institutions are designed to serve them; they’d rather borrow money from friends or family. A new report illustrates the effect of ‘service transference,’ where sophisticated digital tools from one industry become expected from other verticals.  Banks are losing touch 

  • December 16, 2015

Story of the 2015 Holiday Season: Mobile is Eating Brick-And-Mortar Retail

The negative headlines around brick-and-mortar are a clear sign of changing behaviors, but not necessarily a sign of weak consumer demand. There’s a channel shift in full effect, and it is very rapidly moving in the direction of mobile. Holiday retail traffic trends

  • December 15, 2015

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