Tips for Generating Data and Analytics in an Agency Setting

'It's all about your people,'? said AMP's very own, very wise, Rich Grogan at the MITX Data Summit. The MITX Data Summit was a full-day event 'designed to bring together top minds in the industry to share proven best practices for business success.' Rich, VP of Measurement & Analytics, was one of the industry leaders selected to sit on the 'Tips for Generating Data and Analytics in a Fast Paced Agency Setting'? panel. The panel presented a wealth of information, so for the sake of simplicity (and because of our inherent bias), we will be focusing on Grogan's key takeaways. Q: What's the most important thing in analytics? In his responses to panel mediator, Judah Phillips, Grogan focused on one major theme ' the importance of finding the right people and keeping them.  There are thousands of tools that provide clients' with their data; however, there are only a select few who can interpret the data.'These storytellers are an agency's analytics team.'? Q: What makes a talented analyst? When looking for new talent an agency should value potential over education. Anyone can learn how to use the tools, but an agency needs to find candidates who are naturally inquisitive and hungry to problem solve. By realizing the potential in these candidates, an agency has the ability to provide clients with multiple solutions from key data insights. Q: What's the role of an analyst in an agency setting? An agency's team of social scientists, digital analysts, data scientists, and business intelligence professionals need to be key players in an agency's internal and external relationships. The analytics team is no longer a behind-the-scenes job and analyzing data should not be a backroom operation. Clients respond well to familiarity with their analyst. The relationship and trust that is developed can drastically influence future business together. Q: What's the most important piece of advice you would like to leave the audience with? 'Focus on your people.'? The entire panel agreed. And, the audience did too!     It's clear the unanimous 'tip' for generating data and analytics in a fast paced agency setting is to ensure you have the best people for the job. The training will come later. The people need to be driven, curious and hungry for solutions. Grogan left the audience with on last piece of advice;   'At the AMP Agency, we're always hiring.'? It's true. Check out our openings at https://www.ampagency.com/about/careers/

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